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    What to do with average bush weed?

    I got some average bush weed that I'm not interested in smoking. What is the best way to make use of average bush weed?
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    How to stop buds getting that "buried smell" after getting buried for a few months?

    So i want to hide my stash by burying it and I was told it will develop a "buried smell" after about 4 months. I know to dig the buds up once a month and air em out, but my question is; can i somehow stop the buds from developing that "buried smell" people talk about? I wish I know how that...
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    What is a reasonable amount of time to cure buds?

    I know some people can spend a long time curing buds, but what is a reasonable amount of time to cure buds?
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    Where is a good place to stash weed?

    I don't want to have it on my property and would prefer only keeping less than an ounce on my property. Where is a good place to stash the rest of my weed?
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    Best deterrent for deer?

    Found evidence of a deer in my grow area. Does anyone know what is the best deterrent for a deer?
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    What's a good excuse/reason for being in a man-made pine forest area?

    I'm planning on growing in a pine forest. What's a good excuse for being in a man-made pine forest area? I'm asking just in case I run into other people in the area.
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    Anyone grow in bush? I've got a couple of questions

    Just been hiking around the bush trails last couple of weeks looking for any potential areas to put a few plants down. In the bush where I'm at it's just a canopy of tall trees and dense bush scrub, not much sunlight is able to penetrate through the trees making growing cannabis in that...
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    Biggest outdoor yielding strains?

    Which 3 strains would you consider the highest yielding outdoor strains?
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    Do long flowering strains produce more buds than short flowering strains?

    Critical Lights has a flowering time of 8 weeks while Amnesia Haze has a flowering time of 10-11 weeks. Both appear to produce similar yields... https://expertseedbank.com/shop/critical-lights/...
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    Anyone have herming problems with GG4?

    I was thinking about growing GG4 outdoors in the forest but I'm worried about the plants herming. Has anyone had any herming problems with GG4?
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    What strain can handle minimal watering?

    I'm not going to be around to water my plants very often, so I was wondering if there is a strain of cannabis that can tolerate less watering?
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    How to haul harvest out of the bush?

    How do people that grow in the bush normally move their harvest out of the bush?, I mean the buds will stink and I'm not sure you'd be wanting to walk along a hiking trail or anything with a full bag of buds, or is there a trick to it?
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    Can germinated seeds survive 48 hours in wet paper towels?

    I'll be using the paper towel method to germinate my seeds. I'll try to time my seeds to germinate when I'm around to transfer them into small pots, but in the weekends I won't be around if some seeds germinate during the weekend, so my question is; can germinated seeds survive 48 hours in wet...
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    Will LED 4 ft long lights be alright for germinated seedlings in their two weeks?

    Tomorrow I'm going to start germinating some seeds and once the seeds sprout I was hoping I could leave the germinated seedlings in a room that happen to have LED 4 ft lights. The germinated seeds can be placed as close as 5 feet away from the light/s, but not directly under the lights, more...
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    In terms of yield, which two strains is the best out of these ones for me to grow?

    Growing experience: No experience, but I'm going to get well researched and I know a local grower with 10 years experience who I will consult with since I'll be growing in the same area under the same conditions as him. Growing conditions: Growing Outdoors in the ground. Soil conditioned and...
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    How long should Power Plants be vegging for outdoors?

    Power Plants have a flowering period of 8-9 weeks but I can't find any information on the vegging time of this strain when grown outdoors in the ground. Any one have any idea how long the vegging period should be for this strain?
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    What is the best strain for growing outdoors?

    Cannabis plants grown outdoors in the bush face a lot of environmental threats. What is the best strain for growing outdoors? In my country/area the growing conditions are: Temperature: As high as 80 fahrenheit (26°C) Humidity: 75% Up to 15 hours of day light at peak of growing season.
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    Will my germinated seedlings be okay in this mini greenhouse or will the seedlings overheat?

    Below is a mini green house with adjustable vents... EDITED: Link removed. It's a standard seedling dome rig Once the seeds are germinated I plan to put the germinated seedlings in the above mini green house then stick em outside in the sun. Outside temperatures will be 12°C (night time) 20°C...
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    What yield do these strains have realistically?

    If you can only estimate the yield on one of these strains under the below growing conditions, then that's fine to. 1. Power Plant 2. Gorilla Glue #4 3. Blue Dream 4. White Widow 5. Green Crack Growing parameters: Growing in the ground with no container. Plants will be out in the bush...
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    Can I use leaves from the bush to make mulch?

    I want to grow in the bush, deep in the bush, growing in the ground, not containers. And I was thinking that to save money buying mulch and carrying it into the bush, I could just use leaves in the surrounding bush and spread the leaves around my plants to "make mulch". Do you think that would...
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