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  1. onwi

    Dangers in a state of meditation?

    Being partly asian i have always been told by my predescessors that meditating or practicing qi gong/hei gong without proper training by professionals will make you susceptible to other "entities" occupying and taking control of your body or losing yourself in some way. In chinese its...
  2. onwi

    Introduce my significant other to cannabis?

    hey guys, i got a decision to make and i want to consult the wisdom of 420 members. :3: My girlfriend knows i smoke weed (perhaps not as regularly as i do), and she's totally fine with it. She knows the growing issues as well and i think she's cool with it too. Clap on her back for accepting...
  3. onwi

    Blowing fuses

    hey guys just hoping you could help me out here... i was watching a grow vid and it mentioned circuit breakers. i'm in the process of extending my house and at the same time rebuilding my grow room into an actual specific room solely used for the purpose of growing. it previously didn't...
  4. onwi

    Commendations & Appreciation

    Theres alot of times on 420magazine where somebody has said a kind word or offered good advice and even so far as to offer their kindness and friendship. If theres someone that you would like to thank, or commend for something positive they've done, heres a place you can do it :allgood...
  5. onwi

    Distorted perception vs. awareness of self

    Distorted perception VERSUS awareness of self As many of you well might know (i gess if u experience the same effects of cannabis as i do) that after the peak and the high and/or the day after, the way things around you look are definitely different. Different compared to the way things look...
  6. onwi

    Whats your method of ridding garbage?

    Running a grow room you make alot of waste like used soil, stems etc. and its always a bitch to dump it. do you guys just throw it in your trash? or dump it in a park somewhere? or go to a public bin then chuck it away? whats your method of getting rid of all the waste that comes with...
  7. onwi

    Onwi- just saying hi

    Hey, I joined only about a week ago and this site is definitely addictive and the friendly atmosphere definitely surpasses alot of other forums i joined in the past. Just an introduction: Theres really not that much to talk about, and after reading some of the other introductions like...
  8. onwi

    Calming down a possibility?

    Heyyyyy, Just wondering as a general discussion/frequently asked qusetion topic, if you guys have any personal tricks or tips in order to calm down from your high hypotehtically if u needed to or wanted to? I normally just hear the solution of "go to sleep" from my friends, but what...
  9. onwi

    Is it possible to ID nugs?

    Sorry if this has been posted before or if requests have been made and ppl have sed that its impossible. but yeah just wondering if anyone has any idea what this is? my supply says that its "hydro" but i want to find out what strain. The high is probably indica because you get majorly drowsy...
  10. onwi

    Avg Harvest For You

    sup :D from all your collective experiences growing, what was your average yield per plant? and what strain?
  11. onwi

    Only exhaust necessary?

    hey guys, i was just wondering, i've been doing a lot of research about enhancing the efficiency of my growroom, and there always seems to be mention of exhaust and intake fans. i've already got the materials to build an exhaust box to go over the window in the room, but an intake fan...
  12. onwi

    What to do with clones and seeds you're taking a holiday?

    just wondering if anybody out there can help... if you're going to take a holiday for about 4 to 5 weeks, what should you do with your crop? should you give them up and buy a whole batch of new seeds when you come back, or keep your clones growing or something and try and get a friend to...
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