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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    Video update Stats; 20th day of flower PPM; 1400, all FloraBloom pH: 6.2 Temp; 79 Humidity; 63%
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    Anomoly's Big Bud 800 Watt LED/CFL Grow

    I'm still blown away there are people that get offended by Ben, or like...how that ends up going down at all. I ended up asking him some random question about removing the glass on the unit, and he was nothing but informative when he could have just as easily been a dick about "altering the...
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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    Fifth Update, 12th day of flower; Pistils, pistils, pistils, get ya pistils here! Nothing much new about the plants so far, same feeding sched, cleaned up the reflective tops a bit, found a better LST method. One pic of hydro pistils, one of soil, one of the light heights and new room config...
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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    Maybe got a little too stoned :lot-o-toke:... but I decided to make a diagram in Paint for the LST I did, green represents a tied down bud site :)
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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    Thanks, me too! :thankyou: Think its time to light one up to celebrate :bong: :)
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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    just did on this last update, should be enough to hold what I need where I need it. 3 hydro and 1 soil got the treatment, so that leaves 1 soil, 1 hydro as controls for a result on a straight ProGrow light production, no special treatment kind of thing.
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    Dr Feelgood's LED and Autoflower Grow

    Loving this grow, can't wait to see a 4-spot all soil result!
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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    Fourth update; Pistils! Super quick on the flowering response...only 5 days now on that cycle in full so that's good news. Nothing new on the nutrient front, still 1200 ppm, 3-1 Bloom to Grow, and the soil weren't stretching as fast as I would have hoped (uneven canopy in pics), so I lowered...
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    Pro-Grow 260W LED, 6-Site Hydro Grow

    Root pic, for anyone interested
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