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  1. Pun Intended

    Society Known As Stoners

    What a great stoner thought, though!! :D I LOVE IT. *hits a pipe*
  2. Pun Intended

    Pipe and Bong Names

    I have a pretty chillem that has rainbow and translucent lilac purple bubbles along green lines. It's name is sunshine day dream :D "Sunshine, daydream, walking in the tall trees, going where the wind goes Blooming like a red rose, Now come on over sweetly, Ride out singin', "I got you in the...
  3. Pun Intended

    I'll be sure to do that

    I'll be sure to do that
  4. Pun Intended

    Until Uncle Sam is on a ventilator, and the puppet master is dead.

    i would like to think this can be fought peacefully as well, but your absolutely right, you have to shock people for them to listen to what you have to say anymore. This is a beautiful place to live, and (speaking as a woman) I would rather be living here fighting against a self righteous...
  5. Pun Intended

    lol, why thank you. No, unfortunately I can't grow out of respect for the woman who owns the...

    lol, why thank you. No, unfortunately I can't grow out of respect for the woman who owns the house I live in. I would love to start some time though, I don't like going through dealers for my weed.
  6. Pun Intended

    Until Uncle Sam is on a ventilator, and the puppet master is dead.

    The only way to obtain complete freedom is through death... But regardless, i agree with you dude. Obama is nothing more then a celebrated governmental figurehead who has turned his back on his opinions and the voice of the people for the sake of publicity. You would think that Obama would be...
  7. Pun Intended

    Who would you smoke with?

    I would love to share a bowl with my mom or dad. I smoke a ton with my boyfriend's dad, but nothing would compare to being able to share something I'm so passionate about with MY parents...I think it would break down a lot of the resentment there is between us. I love my parents...
  8. Pun Intended

    favorite smoking song to listen to?

    RIP Shannon Hoon. my favorite blind melon song's have to be soup, galaxy, and mouth full of cavities.
  9. Pun Intended

    favorite smoking song to listen to?

    The Dead, all the way :) Always sends me in the right direction for a great day being high. Sunshine daydream or box of rain.
  10. Pun Intended

    Am High - Are You High?

    It's great though, I feel so relaxed :) I'm about to pack another bowl.
  11. Pun Intended

    Gday mates

    hey man, welcome! Glad you found the site
  12. Pun Intended

    hello fellow smokers

    Welcome, Im glad your relative found relief in marijuana, however it is unfortunate to hear that they suffer at all :( Your one more voice against the lies and blatantly contagious ignorance in the world's media and politics. It is very disturbing knowing that suffering patients can't even...
  13. Pun Intended


    Welcome to 420 dude :)
  14. Pun Intended


    Lol, but you didn't miss out in the end, right? KEEP ON TOKEN'
  15. Pun Intended

    sayin what up from iowa. SWED!

    Hey dude, welcome! Glad to have another to be small business owner on the site :) I'm trying to get a head shop/tattoo parlor running with a few good friends and my man. Best of luck friend.
  16. Pun Intended

    ahoy hoy

    Hello there and welcome! :) Glad to hear that marijuana has helped, i agree 100% with your assessment. Pot most definitely helps me more than meds ever could. Nice to know that there are others that have used marijuana for those reasons. Once my parents saw that smoking weed wasn't hurting me...
  17. Pun Intended

    Hello to all

    Hey man, welcome :) cant wait to check out your blogs
  18. Pun Intended

    Why do you smoke?

    Amen to that :) I always love my morning bowl with my boyfriend before work. But pretty much, if one of us is smoking weed, the other one is there in the roto too :) Its great having a constant smoking companion.
  19. Pun Intended

    Why do you smoke?

    We might have known each other in a past life, or we could just be very similar :) regardless, thank you. It's always nice to be agreed with, lol
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