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  1. Camaro1691

    Camaro’s Torture Chamber

    Soo it’s been a while since I’ve put much effort into the forums and I feel my lacking of a journal is a contributing factor to that. Soo here we are. To start I’ll briefly introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I started off growing in my teens in Massachusetts from random bag seeds...
  2. Camaro1691

    Been away for a while: sorry fam

    As stated, due to life events, I have been away from the scene for a little while unfortunately, things may sometimes slow me down, but I don’t allow anything to stop me completely, no way hozay. I’m not going to start my journal here, just a simple hello everyone, and camaro is going to be back...
  3. Camaro1691

    How far into flower can you supercrop?

    Not very experienced with supercropping but I do have much experience under my belt otherwise, I need to get these gals down a little lower in my closet, will supercropping them now effect yeild negatively on the branches I crop if I do it now?
  4. Camaro1691

    Camaro’s Clone Box

    To get things kicked off we may as well start with the basics, let’s see this box I speak of soo we can have an idea of the enviorment things are happening in.. There’s a single 110plug that I wired up using 12/2 Romex wiring going into the main electrical box in the top center of the cloner...
  5. Camaro1691

    Hydroponic wastewater for vegetable garden watering?

    Anyone do it? Rather than let those nutrients just get flushed down the drain, why not use it to water your garden? I don’t see any downfalls to it, anyone else find any?
  6. Camaro1691


    Soo if I can’t find any pests in my room per say, would any ladybugs I find in my home that I put in my grow room start munching on the plants if they can’t find any larve to eat?
  7. Camaro1691

    Adding ductwork to LED lights?

    Anyone tried it? Seeing as how the biggest source of heat for most people is from their lights venting directly into the grow area, why not add ducts to where the fans exit to pull the heat out of the room and outside, in theory effectively eliminating the need for air conditioning except in...
  8. Camaro1691

    Treatment for autoimmune disease?

    I know there’s certain recepies and strains that help some cancer patients but does anyone know about some patients with autoimmune? My girlfriend has had it for a couple years(diagnosed at least) and her disease effects her eyes more than anything (multiple scleritis). We have not tried cbd...
  9. Camaro1691

    How close is too close you ask?

    I’ve recently been asked by a couple people, how close can you have florescent lights without harming your seedlings/miniature plants? Well, here is where I typically set my light till I’m ready to switch to blurple, I don’t use a tape measure to set it perfectly, I use the back side of my hand...
  10. Camaro1691

    Camaro’s First Grow Journal

    Alright folks, Camaro is back at it again, this time We’re going to have a little quiz/question while I do a little assembly, what does everyone think is going on here? :ganjamon::ganjamon:
  11. Camaro1691

    Lights under the canopy?

    Thought I have been pondering for a while and looking for input from others who have actually done it.. We’re you doing hydro or some other method? Scrogging or just staking the plants up? My main thought is that if defoliation under the canopy is due to lack of light penetration wouldn’t adding...
  12. Camaro1691

    Dumping grow room heat into your heating system vents?

    Am getting ready to fire my room back up before too long and am debating the thought of hooking my exhaust into the vent in the floor of the bedroom the grow room will be in. There will obviously be a charcoal filter near the ceiling of the room to draw the most heat, and possibly a one way...
  13. Camaro1691


    Obviously there is much sarcasm on this one, but as I’m sitting here on this fine Sunday morning smoking my morning bowl in my empty shell of a room I think, how cool would it be if the 420 community had a go-fund me type of thing for growers who have fallen down on their luck, obviously your...
  14. Camaro1691

    Long time connoisseur, first time member and post

    Hello all, I have read many members grow journals and have had a few grows of my own, some successful and some not, I would like to think of myself as a long time connoisseur of this wonderful plant and have been working towards my childhood dream of having a perpetual grow of my own soo I can...
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