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  1. gromper

    6 Tons Of Marijuana Seized From 2 Panga Boats

    Good! Now LEGALIZE it so we can buy locally and keep the market and taxes in California!
  2. gromper

    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month:June 2013

    Please stop shooting pictures under your lights. Doesn't do your plants justice and makes for weird colors. Better to use a flash with the lights out - step back a little and zoom in. Outdoors is the best of course.
  3. gromper

    Henry Ford's Hemp Plastic Car Is 10X Stronger

    More History Lessons. Aren't we supposed to learn from our mistakes?
  4. gromper

    Osmocote Plus Plant Food: Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

    It's nice to spend money on the spendy soil, or subscribe to hundreds of dollars in super growth products (they all seem to "guarantee" incredible results). Personally, I get a bale of Sunshine, mix in Perlite until it is around 30%, add OC+ to the top 3-4" of the whatever pot I am using (1...
  5. gromper

    Osmocote Plus Plant Food: Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

    In my neck of the woods, the great Northwest, Fred Mylers has the stuff in their garden dept. as does the local Grange. Generally $17.99 for the jug, occasionally on sale for $13.99.
  6. gromper

    Problems 48 hours after flush

    Flushing should be done with water only (or with some sledgehammer) and then 2x-3x the amount of water as the soil content of your pot (3 gal pot - 6-9 gallons of water. Then give it a day before adding any nutes. Flush at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks (if they go that long - mine rarely do).
  7. gromper

    Osmocote Plus Plant Food: Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

    It's just Osmocote plus. If you don't see the 6 Months on the label, try another store. I believe there is only one variety of Osmocote Plus but a couple of the regular Osmo.
  8. gromper

    Osmocote Plus Plant Food: Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

    For your hempy bucket you will need to water the plant regularly until it's roots reach the reservoir. You can put the OC+ prills in one spot next to the side, opposite your hole. That will be the spot you will water it. You don't need to water the rest of the bucket. There is a hempy bucket...
  9. gromper

    Osmocote Plus Plant Food: Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

    Here is a Blue Frost from Goldenseed at only 3 weeks into flower. My grow room is a little short so the plants don't get much over 3' but I bend the branches down to make a relatively even canopy and expose all those lovely nodes. They grow well under a 400 and a 600 watt HPS. I have a...
  10. AF Gooey

    AF Gooey

    My prettiest bud pic. 4 weeks
  11. Blue frost 3-weeks

    Blue frost 3-weeks

    Just a nice image of the same plant
  12. Blue Frost at 3 weeks in the flower room

    Blue Frost at 3 weeks in the flower room

  13. gromper

    Osmocote Plus Plant Food: Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

    the little prills will persist through several recyclings of your soil, but they are pretty much empty and you need to continue to add Osmo each time you replant. I suggest composting your soil between grows and rinsing it out regularly to help the prills release what they might have left, which...
  14. gromper

    The Real Reefer Madness: Medical Marijuana Regulation

    Same old story, different day.
  15. gromper

    Legal Marijuana or Bust

    Makes me wish I could come and vote in Cali - at least for this one prop anyhow, and to vote against the oil companies.
  16. gromper

    Reefer Sadness For Pot Farmers

    Though I object to cannabis being referred to as "dope", this is one of the best "reality" articles I've seen in a long time. I was there in the 70's and it was a great time. The economy there had already shifted back in my day with the greening of the emerald triangle, when Hawaiian was the...
  17. gromper

    Medical Marijuana Tax Revenue Helping Colo Springs

    Perfect. Let's spend half the income from medical marijuana on more law enforcement with the sole purpose of screwing with the industry. Just perfect. Inevitable that they would have to spend a bit monitoring and regulating a new industry but do it in steps and as needed. A good starting point...
  18. gromper

    Goddard Comes Out Against Medical Marijuana, His Base & The Facts

    Same old rhetoric. Uh - wake up!! Open your eyes!! The stuff is here already. It's easy to get by anyone who wants it! Now for the states/country to embrace it and benefit from it financially and socially. Yes, socially! No-booze smoking bars. Available at 7-11. Grocery stores. Vending...
  19. gromper

    Competition Killing Some Marijuana Dispensaries

    As predicted - laws of supply and demand will eliminate the small guys and enrich the large. Smart folks will grow their own. A 400 watt light system costs only $15/month to run on 12/12. and maybe $25/mo during Veg. Easy to manage 4, 5-gal buckets under it and if you use "Osmocote Plus" to...
  20. gromper

    The Closing Arguments For California's Pot Referendum

    It's not just the millions of state and federal monies being spent, it's the cops off the streets doing paperwork, court costs, attorneys fees, lives and employment potential ruined and the hundred other semi-invisible costs we are fighting against. The state will make money off it too and maybe...
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