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  1. gromper

    How do I set my journal to "Completed"?

    Done with first journal - ready to start a new one.
  2. gromper

    Little help: Feed or Flush?

    Didn't think I was overfeeding with 1/2 strength nutes. pH is good at 6.7 - soil - Happy Frog/30% perlite - Nutes: Tiger Bloom. Maybe not enuff? Maybe too much? So Feed or Flush
  3. gromper

    Little Help Please

    Plant is turning yellow a little too quick, leaf edges turning red, Hairs on top of bud seem to have turned red - still 3-5 weeks of flowering left. Soil grow with mostly Happy Frog (Most of the nutes from the original soil probly used up.)and 1/4 strength Tiger Bloom. pH seems to be OK - 6.7...
  4. gromper

    Mah Medical Grow

    OK - I'm about 6 weeks into building my basement rooms for veg and flower and growing. Veg room is pretty much complete and the flower room is almost done. I got some clones going early on but because the boneheads who gave me the clones started them from flowering plants, it took them a...
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