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  1. Love1Fear

    Do any vegetables grow like weed?

    Ya if u saw my plant pics then they r all 100% cfl seed to grow. My last grow was from 3 plants I think or 2, and After they cured it filled a gallon pickel jar and a 2 pint air sealed glass jar. So ya fun times and this grow I bought a T5 2foot blaze strip, like urs heh
  2. Love1Fear

    New Grower

    Ya Direct sunlight is 12:00 and it delivers 500,000 Lumen i see what ur saying but in a window think of a birds eye view at peak sunlight (12:00) that plant is blocked of birds eye view of DIRECT sunlight. so cudoes
  3. Love1Fear

    Do any vegetables grow like weed?

    thats retarded how similar my set up is i have all same 1 to 2 socket surge strip.
  4. Love1Fear

    a little help

    that sounds like like u have more then just one culprit. U must give more description for help on this! Hydro/soil temp/humidity ph meter: are u using one water type tap reverse osmosis ect. "PICS say a thousand words"
  5. Love1Fear

    How to flush THC from fat cells

    No more Twinkies and a treadmill fatty lol, naw 4 real, eat 30 crickets a day for 4 days. LOL STOP i was just joking, but really i have no idea.
  6. Love1Fear

    How to KILL MOLD on roots

    MINUTE TO WIN IT! You have as many answers u can muster! But will u be the first to win it in a minute?
  7. Love1Fear

    New Grower

    u dont want to notice it getting taller, U want measurably plant height, not u nonchalantly walk by and see that its taller without more nodes. So i would put back under CFL
  8. Love1Fear

    1 Plant vs 4 Plants per 100w light. Why?

    ur thinking about it laterally but it is indeed not the case. If a plant (in ur scenario) has another plant next to it taking 1/2 the "Photons", ie: Lumens then the plants would again, (in ur case scenario) both b smaller by way of less photosynthesis. But u have a plant that u say...
  9. Love1Fear

    New Grower

    u have any more CFLs (even lower wattage is still added lumens)? How far away from the plant is ur current CFL? U can tell by putting light away from plant that u dont feel any heat so not to burn it.
  10. Love1Fear

    Do any vegetables grow like weed?

    no prob! u have pic of ur setup? u dirt or hydro and u have thermometer and nutes and PH meter?
  11. Love1Fear

    New Grower

    my florescent 14 day olds from seed would look like bushes next to those. moral of story Add Lights
  12. Love1Fear

    New Grower

    how many watts is ur florescent light
  13. Love1Fear

    Do any vegetables grow like weed?

    Basil! Normal basil I am Very Experienced with not lemon, purple, non of that I am skilled in just straight up. Basil requires nutes identically (if scientifically possible) as Cannabis. Basil thrives in same PH levels as Cannabis. Basil flourishes in same light strengths (Lumen) as Cannabis...
  14. Love1Fear

    How to KILL MOLD on roots

    I have 6 plants started from seed on fathers day (june 20th i believe). The res temp was in the 80-82 temp since day 1, and today i noticed curling leafs and yellowing to drying out crunchy leafs (i was baffled for a week on it). I now see the white mold on the roots that are exposed to res...
  15. Love1Fear

    The Deep Water Culture Home

    ANY1 Play NAZI ZOMBIES on PS3 if so i have all maps and have room for adding a friend!!!
  16. Love1Fear

    Show off your Deep Water Culture Grow

    ur a dick, i wish i could grow my girls that big. U RULE
  17. Love1Fear

    Drip line placement?

    Happy to meet u Tide! Ur a late niter as well since ur online now lol. L8tr in ur grow be aware that roots may tend to follow the source of H2O in ur tubes adn eventually clog it. So pull tubes out of net pots and make sure theres no roots.
  18. Love1Fear

    What is the best way to start with seed in this system

    Covered Miss Kittys' ears for that post lol
  19. Love1Fear

    Second Grow - Deep Water Culture, 400w, Black Jack and Friends

    sorry if previously posted but whats those girls born date? The reason i ask is b/c they look just like mine.
  20. Love1Fear

    First grow in woods (Advice?)

    Also for anyone that has seen any Deer around where you don't want them eating vegetation plant Rosemary Deer will not eat it or even walk through it, I'm sorry if this is off topic but i think if Deer may be a hazard then Rosemary is ur solution. Hope this helps some one!
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