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    To bail or not to bail - That is my question

    So I decided to manifold this Bianca (85/15 indica/sativa) at nearly a month from sprouting. She had started showing signs of a nutrient problem (yellowing lower leaves) at week 3 so I started nutes (1/2 strength GH Flora & Calimagic) in HF potting soil with an extra 30% MG perlite. Topped...
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    Could this be the result of being root bound?

    28 day old plant in a 1-2qt pot (6" across). Just topped for manifolding. I checked to see if she was ready for up-potting and I'm fairly certain what I saw is considered "root bound". The entire bottom 2/3 of the dirt was white from roots so I've already up-potted into a 5 gal. Sorry. No pic of...
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    Nutrient fortified water - Expiration date?

    I did a search but came up empty. Once you've added liquid nutes (CaliMagic & GH FloraGrow/Micro/Bloom) to your water, checked and adjusted the ph, can it be stored for several days without issue? PH would be checked and adjusted again before use but will the nutrients have lost any of their...
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    Overwatered & Cal/Mag deficiency?

    3 week old Bianca. HF Potting soil with additional 30% MG Perlite. LED 19" away. 18/6. Container is 6" wide. Temps 73-77 degrees with 35% RH. Opinions? I'm thinking Cal/Mag deficiency along with some over watering.
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    Roots might be forcing me to up-pot too early?

    So I thought I was being clever on this 2nd grow of mine by placing the smaller starter pot inside the 5 gallon pot (pre-filled with soil) making for a quick and easy transplant when needed. Well I won't be doing that again. It's only 12 days since she sprouted and two roots escaped from the...
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    White spots?

    This is a feminized Bianca (85% indica 15% sativa) at day 10 after sprouting. I didn't notice these on my first grow and wonder if these tiny white spots are normal.
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    Bianca Round 2 - Soil & Perlite - MH300 LED - General Hydroponics Nutes

    And here we go again. :) My second grow is now under way. Single Bianca (feminized from Amsterdam Seed Co.) in a small closet using just Happy Frog Potting Soil mixed with 25-30% Miracle Grow Perlite and eventually General Hydroponics Trio of nutes. Mars Hydro 300 LED 24" from seedling on a...
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    Trichome check - Sugar leaves or bud?

    I've finally gotten a loupe and snipped a sugar leaf from one of the top buds of my single Bianca. I see clear, cloudy and amber trichomes. It seems there are more amber ones on the part of the leaf closest to the bud. I'd say 30-40%. Alternatively, and only a 1/3" away there are more clear and...
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    Central Air? Quick odor reduction tip

    For those with one or two plants and no exhaust/carbon filter fans, as long as you have central a/c, I found this works good for emergencies and covering up the smell. Take a Bounce Laundry Sheet and tape it to a corner of your air exchange intake grill. Every time the a/c runs you get a fresh...
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    Last 2 weeks of flower - To nute or not to nute?

    So I'm wondering what the general consensus is for the last 2 weeks of flower and adding or not adding nutes. I'm at the week 6 mark of a Bianca which from everything I've read is an 8 week plant. It's a soil/coco/perlite mix and I've been using General Hydroponics Flora trio for each of the...
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    Genie 10" Water Pipe from Bongoutlet.com?

    I'm looking into getting a bong, nothing over the top, just something that works and isn't too expensive. That said, anyone have any first hand experience with this particular bong? This is the first I've heard of an ash catcher. I assume that makes for easier cleaning as well?
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    PH of run off water 5.0 - 5.5? Problem?

    I'm just under the 3rd week of flowering in a 5 gallon pot comprised of FF Happy Frog Potting soil, coco and perlite. It's probably a ratio of 60/20/20 respectively. My veg state lasted 62 days and I did a ten gallon flush about half way thru that. I've always used ph correct water and this...
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    40% RH Importance During Flower?

    Just wondering how critical the 40% or lower number for humidity is when in flower? Assuming a fan is running non-stop and the humidity is occasionally over 40% (say 45-47%) is that going to be of serious concern?
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    MarsHydro 300 - Fan noise?

    Anyone else experience fan noise after a couple months of use with the MarsHydro 300? Specifically, I'm at 1,188 hrs into my grow and I now hear a slight fan noise. I'd describe it as something thin and pliable hitting the fan. It's not overly loud but it's there and I run a clean house so it's...
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    Glossary of Terms - A-Z

    Well I hope this works out and I hope the Admins feel the same. :) I call upon all you knowledgable folks to supply this thread with every term used when discussing the beloved cannabis plant. In return for your knowledge, I will maintain this original post in alphabetical order the best I...
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    Bianca Feminized - MarsHydro 300 LED - Soil/Coco/Perlite

    Bianca Feminized — MarsHydro 300 LED — Soil/Coco/Perlite First off, many thanks to the people here who have and continue to help me along with my first grow. Equipment/Supplies; Bianca Feminized via Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. 85% Indica 15% Sativa Jiffy Peat Pellets Fox Farm Happy...
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    How critical is 100% total darkness during 12/12?

    I'm just curious to know if any and all ambient light has to be accounted for when switching to the flowering stage. Is 100% darkness absolutely required and if some minor ambient light does occur during the 12 off of the 12/12 cycle, what effects will it have?
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    New growth - Wilting with brown tips

    This is a Bianca (mostly Indica) on day 43 after sprouting. Happy Frog potting soil 50%, coco fiber 30%, perlite 20%. PH correct water only, no nutes. Mars Hydro300 18-20" from canopy. Topped once at node 4 on day 22. Just tied down the new stems for LST 2 days ago. The newest growth on the...
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    Stem seems short and thin - Any concerns?

    Just wondering if I should be worried about my 15 day old (since breaking ground) plant. It's a Bianca. 85% Indica 15% Sativa. Mars Hydro300 24" above plant on a 18/6 cycle. Temps been around 77 average with 35-37% humidity. 6" wide pot (at top) filled with 1/3 each Happy Frog potting soil...
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    Odor control - Small space/room

    It seems the general consensus for odor control are carbon filter fan setups. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using something like this for a single plant/small closet/room set up?
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