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    How long does the smell stay on clothes? / How to get rid of the smell fast?

    Hey ya! I usually smoke half a J driving on my way to work with windows down and would take mint and spray some perfume before I do a 3-5 min walk to the office which is mostly open air (I've usually put it out 2-3 mins before I park). At this point I usually assume the smell around me isn't...
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    Rapid Home Test vs. Laboratory Equipment Test

    Greetings 420ers! Has anyone got any insights on the differences of these two? Got a test coming up in two days, our urine will be collected on-site and will be sent over to a lab. What worries me is if they will be using a laboratory immunoassay equipment for the test, you know, those...
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    Cutting the bud from the stems

    Hello friends! Would it make any difference (aside from space) if I don't cut the bud from the stems and place the whole stalks inside the mason jar for curing? For quite some time now, I've been sticking the stalks in the jar without cutting the buds first. I'd like to know if there's any...
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