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    Day 50 Hawaiian Candy? Sativa Anybody know about this strain?

    day 50 in flowering for this sativa. The dispensary sold it as "Hawaiian Candy" but they didn't know the genetics and I can't find anything online about it so it's probably a made up name. It has plenty of buds and I even see resin with a microscope but without it just looks like alot of long...
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    Day 50 Updated - Purple Jack - Madman OG - Private Reserve - Blue Dream

    Starting week 8 today (day 50) of Purple Jack,Madman OG,Private Reserve (og18),Blue Dream. Some bud pics. and trichome pics. Purple Jack: trichomes MADMAN OG: Private Reserve/OG18: BLUE DREAM:
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    Shaggy's MultiStrain - 1000W - Blue Dream - Madman OG - Private Reserve - Purple Jack

    This is my second journal and I'm already in week 4 of flowering so I will only post the more recent pictures of what it looks like now. I'll try to explain everything with this grow from the beginning. The grow started in a 4x2 space using a rubbermaid tote for a home made flood table under an...
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    Girsl Scout Cookies, King Louie , XXX completed

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    How do my trichomes look at day 52

    Just started week 8 of flowering 3 strains that each have an 8-9 week flowering time. I want to start to flush when the trichomes are milky not amber but I can't tell with my crappy vision. I got a 30x microscope that attaches to my camera phone from Radio Shack and took these pictures today of...
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    Girl Scout Cookies - King Louie XIII & XXX - 430W HPS - Grow

    Not my first time growing but my previous grow was way back in 2000. So much more info. is available now vs. then that I decided I wanted to start again. This is my first attempt at a grow journal so sorry if I leave anything out or post anything irrelevant. Here's the basic info: Strains...
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