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    Slow growth and strange leaves

    im using mars hydro reflector 96 +2x cfl 25w 6500k in box 0,36m2 60cm x 60cm (2'x2') she still growing very slow.. :(
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    Slow growth and strange leaves

    Hi I have 3 plants and with one of them i have a problem. She grows slower than the rest and have strange 'wavy' (?) 'wrinkled' leafs. Im using soil and nutrients like as always before. Seeds are of very good quality. Its they 14 day of grow Photo: Any ideas?
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    Where's my flowers?

    ohhh i see.. it is my second grow. in previous one in 3 day of flower appear a errmm.. carpels? ok.. u calm me dowm.. thank you.. bud for you:)
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    Where's my flowers?

    Hi, It's a 6day of flowering.. In veg moge it was 12/3,5/1,5/3,5 fotoperiod. 6 day ago i switch to 11,5/12,5.. after 5 days nothink.. yesterday i switch to 11/13 my box is 60cm x 60cm (about 2 feets). led light mars hydro reflector 196 + 4x 25cfl 2700k. nutriens canna terra...
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    Please help

    yup.. from now i will
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    Please help

    huh.. damage progress has been stopped. they probaly were overwattered. why? ok sooo the hole at the bottom of the pot was plugged. the pots was very.. veeeeeery heavy. when i unpluged the hole leaked a lot of water btw. potassium effect could be probaly right. why? ph of the watter was 5.8 :(...
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    Please help

    ermm.. i think i just solved the problem but i need to know 1 thing if the led panel was too low (though the heat from panel is low (it is warm but not hot)) then too much light (only light) can make that? if yes then im f.. retard becouse i was always thinkin that 'never too much light' led...
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    Please help

    huh i dont remember. sorry:(
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    Please help

    yesterday there was a two cfl bulbs 25w hanging in the middle of the box (below the top of plants). i removed them yesterday. right plant was turned first (i have fans of the left side). first damage got the top leaves (the biggest ones). my fans are from pc - they not work strong (12v fans...
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    Please help

    led panel 80w (box is 60x60cm) panel is 30cm above plants im used only watter in last wattering becouse i thinked its from too much manure? (i used canna terra)
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