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  1. Love1Fear

    How to KILL MOLD on roots

    I have 6 plants started from seed on fathers day (june 20th i believe). The res temp was in the 80-82 temp since day 1, and today i noticed curling leafs and yellowing to drying out crunchy leafs (i was baffled for a week on it). I now see the white mold on the roots that are exposed to res...
  2. Love1Fear

    Ever Use Botanicare Sweet Grape/Berry/Citrus/Carbo Raw

    Im wondering if anyone can give any input on how/what this stuff does. Kinda curious since it has no N-P-K 0-0-0, and why does the Citrus variety have a lot more cool stuff in the ingredients?
  3. Love1Fear

    what jewelers loupe do u use pics welcome

    just bought a triplet 30x 21mm loupe made by SE. I was wondering what everyone else uses and compare results.
  4. Love1Fear

    6gal Deep Water Culture how much nute PPM they eat a day???

    I have a 6 gal Deep Water Culture system with 4 Northern Lights/Blueberry. I have seen a few people say that their Blueberry plants ate very little Nutes by checking there PPM levels not change that much from day by day other then the plants drinking H2O and condensing the nute lvl, but after...
  5. Love1Fear

    Uploading from pc and not photo bucket

  6. Love1Fear

    Uber Stealth Deep Water Culture Northernlights / Blueberry

    Hello we are trying a new grow from a friends clones that are northern lights and blueberry started 11/12/09 and it was infested with spider mites, we where unaware for 3 weeks, well honestly till we visually saw spider webs on plants.:439:
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