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    Brixnewb's Black Thumb Guide To Cloning

    As growing cannabis goes, I have a bit of a black thumb. I always like to find the most foolproof way whenever I can, and I think I have found just that for taking clones. Cloning was never SUPER hard for me, but I have had my shares of failures with it and I think I have found a pretty much...
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    Name That Pest!

    Ok guys, I was watering tonight and came upon a pest. Try as I can I could not get one to get a picture and I have found nothing through a quick Google search. I was watering one of my plants and noticed a very small white/translucent bug crawl up the stem, possibly to avoid the water. It was...
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    Solution for nodes too close together?

    So I have a feminized Jack Herer that is in a 16 ounce Solo cup that I planted maybe 2 weeks ago. I was looking at it today and it has 4 nodes within 1 inch. Is there any easy way to make it stretch? I am either going to cull it or cut all but every 4th node or so. So at this point I am open to...
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    Overwatered or Underwatered? - Pictures Inside

    Ok, I have an auto in a 7 gallon pot. I have been watering them with a Solo cup, usually no more than a 1/4 to 1/2 a cup. Been a day or two since I watered this one. If I dig down in the soil about an inch, the soil is moist. Should I water or wait?
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    Dusted Bud Genetics In High Brix Grown By BrixNewb

    I have some seeds en route from Dusted Bud Genetics, so I am getting started with the journal. The strains will be revealed once they arrived. On to the grow specifics, which have changed since I started my first journal. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Doc Bud's High Brix Promix HP...
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    Suggestions for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with Remote Sensors

    Ok guys, I am running into some problems. I have two separate Acu-Rite units that I have attempted to use to monitor my tents. The first unit monitors temperature only with high and low alarms and the second monitors temperature and humidity with one remote sensor. The problem is that both of...
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    Is My Carbon Filter Working Properly?

    Ok guys, I have a Phresh 400 CFM carbon filter attached to a 420 CFM CanFan that only gets run about half speed. The thing is that the filtered air has an odd smell that I would describe as yeasty with a fruity hint. Is this normal? I am wondering if perhaps my ducting has holes and is drawing...
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    36"x20"x62" Tent with 250/400 Watts of HID?

    Ok guys, I am thinking of putting together a little veg tent, maybe grow some autos in it if I get froggy. I am set on a 36"x20"x62" tent because it's literally all I have the room for. My ambient temps are around 72 degrees. In my 4'x4' tent with an air cooled HID I am running 79-80 degrees in...
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    BrixNewb's First Grow & Beyond

    Hey guys, this is my first journal and also my first grow. I am using Doc Bud's High Brix kit and these beans have been going since about the first of September. I have been around here a while, so I am pretty familiar with most of the regulars here and have been watching you guys from afar for...
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