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    1st Grow 4x4x6.5 Grow Tent with 600W HPS - Soil - Indoor - Scrog

    I'm starting my first grow ever in a 4x4 tent thats 6.5 ft tall RoorRip Set-up: Light: 600W hps Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Nutes: Blue Planet Nutrients Fan: 424cfm w/ carbon filter I want to FIM it and use supplementary CO2, Any tips on either of these two things? Thanks, I hope you...
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    Cfm question please help

    i got a 2x3x6 room and its air cooling a 400w light and i want a carbon filter on it too. so how much cfm do you think that would be? and i know i want the fan pulling air out of the room but do i want to push or pull the air through the caerbon filter? thank you BENNN
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