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    soil ph

    Hello. I've looked around but can't find this answer yet, could you please help? If my water ph is on the money(lets say 6.5) ,but the soil ph is high (lets say 7.5). Do I adjust the water down to like 6.0 or 5.5, to get my soil down to 6.5 ? Thanks alotfor the help.:bong:
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    PVC pipe tent.Bad?

    Hey. Heres one for Ya. RoorRip Is PVC Pipe bad to use as a frame for a grow box? I know PVC tent walls are bad and will off-gass, but will the PVC frame do the same....wrapped in panda-poly? How about duct tape? Thanks in advance everyone! :thankyou:
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    General water rule.

    Hi I have a very basic Question that I could use some help on, thank you. How much water do you apply when you transfer the seed to soil. The soil was semi-moist not clumping. I know the water rule changes as they get bigger and tends to be what each individual needs. but what I need is specific...
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    Hello 420 People! I'm Woody.

    I've been reading alot in the last couple of months ,in the backround without a name:pop2:. But your community has drawn me out, with all the help and care I see here. You guys are great, and Now I'm proud to say,"My names O.G.Woody". Though I feel I know alot of you already, sadly....you didn't...
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