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    Aeroponics question

    Anyone using Aeroponics, Mega Crop and tracking PPMs? My PPMs keeping going up over night without me giving nutrients. its almost like my water and chemicals are brewing and getting stronger as a go. are you experiencing anything like this? Is this normal? my PG has been averaging between 5.8...
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    Male or female

    Any help would be appreciated male or female
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    Is this male or female

    Is this male of female, 3 pictures same plant.
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    Looking for PPM Meter

    I’m switching to DWC and I’m looking for a good PPM and PH meter that won’t break my bank any suggestions?
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    Flowers turned brown

    This flower is right at 8 weeks. This was not like this Saturday. All of the leaf tips have been turning brown and crispy. Other plants in the room are fine. any ideas
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    Making butter

    I make butter quite often using dried popcorn flowers trimmings. I was wondering if anyone has tried starting with fresh cut flowers? if so did it effect the outcome?
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    Butter From Dry Ice Hash

    I took 1 ounce of (Durban Poison) sugar leaves and popcorn buds and a ounce of buds. I put these in my magic bullet and got them very fine. I used a micron bag, 1/2lb of dry ice and the finely chop weed. This made 8 grams of dry Ice hash. I de-carbed the hash for 25 minutes at 250. I added the...
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    Just think

    I wish my weed grew as fast as my eyebrows since I turned 50
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    My little cola

    7 weeks tomorrow, nice blend of cloudy trics with a little amber even a few clear ones. Probably Harvest tomorrow
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    Light time change

    I’m currently coming on at 6:00PM and off at 6:00AM. I would like to change it to on at 6:00AM and off at 6:00PM. does anyone think this will hurt the crop? I have 6 flowering plants,som are in the 5th week and some are in their 2nd week
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    Grow room

    Have a room 5x12 x 8’ want to put 6 budding plants in a 7x5 area with 3 315watt CMH lights Want to put 6 veg plants in a 5x5 area with 1 315watt CMH what are anyone’s thought pot or con
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    Top or not to top

    In Missouri we can only flower 6 plants at a time. What are your thought in topping. Get one large cola and some smaller or a bunch of medium colas?
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    Cannabis Brownie Batter

    I made some really good cannabis butter. I added it to the Brownie mix to make batter. After licking the bowl and spoon I had a pretty good buz. I acte a little 1x1 price of Brownie And was feeling good for 5 hours. I think I had a better dose with the batter. Hs anyone ever made the batter...
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    API Proper pH 6.5

    Anyone use API proper PH 6.5?
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    Does this look ready

    Does she look ready to you?? I have a nervous condition and can’t hold the loupe still long enough to tell if the trics are clear or milky
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    Wishing these beautiful girls a happy 2 week birthday: This is 10 years old for humans

    These babies turned 2 weeks old today. When should I start with Nutrients?
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    My girls need help

    Having issues with my girls. I over fed them 11 days ago with Fox Big Grow. Lost a lot of fan leaves. About 4 days ago I flushed the soil with straight water. Still getting the same issue. Fed them yesterday with a half dose of Fox Farms. The leaves all start as the one shown and end up dying...
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    Any ideas what causes this?

    My big leaves started looking like this a few days ago. Using Miracle Grow soil and a 315watt CMH. I think maybe a Phosferous defencie but not sure, if it is any ideas for a correction.
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    Need Advice

    The first Picture is from Friday, 3 week clone water (straight water) every other day under a 315CMH Second picture is Wednesday 5 days later. was planning on transplanting This Friday and starting with fertilizer. .
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi there, new to the site. Crossing fingers that the laws change in Missouri Tuesday.
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