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    I think I have some serious issues - Please help!

    greetings! i am just into my second set and i am having what i feel are going to be some (ongoing) horrible problems. i dropped 4 crop king auto NORTHERN LIGHTS and 2 crop king fem WHITE COOKIES to germ and all 6 of them sprouted, but the 2 WC were a couple of days behind. that was on...
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    Help! Some flowers are growing on a branch of one of my plants!

    HELP! one of the branches on one of the girls seems to have some sort of flowers on it... only in the last few days and it looks like only one branch of one plant. does anyone have any idea about this? i hope it doesn't take the whole crop out... i panic'd...
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    Is this CK Auto NL ready yet?

    hello! i have been having good fun trying to grow this CK auto NL for the past couple of months... today is day 69. i think she's getting close and i was hoping for some more expert opinions. here's some photos : it's my first attempt, so i am not super sure. i...
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    hello friends, i am new here! i've been reading for a while, but decided to dive right in. at the moment, i have a couple of questions about the site: 1) how do you delete a photo from your gallery? one of mine is crappy and i wanted to nip it! 2) how do you subscribe to another...
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    Cylob's - Indoor - CK White Cookies - Grow Journal - 2016

    hello! i am new here and to the process. here's what i am working on so far : crop king WHITE COOKIES seeds (germ'd 3 and 2 took) 60% indica indoor 4x2x5ft high tent organic soil PH neutral with some perlite started in jiffy peat pots 900w MARS HYDRO II LED light RH range 36-51%...
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