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  1. CanuckGal

    Canuckgal's Struggling 400w Coco Closet Grow

    Hero, I wasn't planning on starting a journal until everything was nicely up and running. My first rodeo came extremely naturally, the plants thrived and it was an easy hobby. Unfortunately circumstances caused me to have to shut down on short notice. Luckily, now I am back up and running for...
  2. CanuckGal

    DIY Swamp Bucket Cooler

    My closet grow was having some heat problems with the 400w HPS as light. So to cool the small space down, I built a swamp bucket! Here's how I made it: Materials Large drink cooler$20 Household fan $10 Fountain/aquarium pump (mine was 135gph) $30 Copper piping $10 Plastic tubing $3 Plumbers...
  3. CanuckGal

    Canuckgals 60 Day Autoflower Closet Grow

    Heyooo! After a ton of research from reading at least 50 journals on here, I ordered all of the equipment, and decided to get started. Since this is my first grow, I decided to do a 60 day autoflower, I will only have a single plant growing this time, so everything should go quickly and let me...
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