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  1. WestSideGrow

    Stalk/stem Fracture help

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, quick questions 1. I have a stem fracture on one of my plants and I had a splint on her before everything is fine and the growth is more then steady going, I was wondering if I can straight up tape the stem where the fracture is? You see the plant leafs are really...
  2. WestSideGrow

    Purple larry help! - rust looking color on one leaf

    Hello again 420, I've been away from the site for some time now. I have started a grow ( Grandaddy purp X Larry OG ) Purple Larry. Same as before - fox farms ocean forest medium, 26 watt cfl (for now) Now the grow is going very very well speedy, steady growth. Her stalk is completely...
  3. WestSideGrow

    Honey Bee

    Honey Bee, Well first off I picked some of this bud at Green Oasis Collective's In Yucipa. Well Its my new favorite strain. First thing I noticed about the bud was its fruity aroma ! The taste perfectly matched the smell. :Love: Lovely strain; great for anxiety and sleep. Works up an...
  4. WestSideGrow

    BC Grow Journal

    Alright 420, ladies and gents. Welcome to my bc grow journal ! Little Information- Strain: BC Medium: Fox farms (Ocean Forest) Indoor outdoor?: Indoor I had a different grow journal that was going good but ended bad. Pulled the plug on her(RIP). But hey All the more reason to get this one...
  5. WestSideGrow

    Deffany Grow Journal

    Hello all ! This will be my, I guess you could say first grow. Some basic info on my plant. 1. Fox farms Ocean forest soil 2. (2) 13 watt CFL's 3. 1.1 QT pot. 4. water every 5-6 days, or when completely dry. 5. 10 days old AS OF 9/11/12:Love: So this is deffany. She hasn't given...
  6. WestSideGrow

    9 days old seedling - help

    hello all quick question for yall. 9 days old foxs farms ocean forest soil Water every 5 days or when completely dry. I was wondering,- today was the day of watering my plant and I put a tiny bit of nutes mixed with a gallon of water, for watering, Will this effect my plant ? i...
  7. WestSideGrow

    Lighting questions

    Hello, So here's my situation, closet grow space, don't know exactly what dimensions. I was wondering, What lights do I need to grow about 3 plants? I'm on a budget, So I really don't think I can go down the 400W HPS road. Right now i have 2 13 watt cfl's on 2 seedlings, I assume this...
  8. WestSideGrow

    Black light

    Hello all, I just have a quick, silly question for yall', Does having black light on a plant work ?
  9. WestSideGrow

    Water leaves dying?

    My water leaves are slowly dying/Drooping? What causes this ? :peace:
  10. WestSideGrow


    Hello 420 members. Quick question of the day for you all. I have an inside grow i wont go into detail right now, But i have a fan blowing the heat off one plant and someone told me it could make the leaves deformed ? true false ? :peace:
  11. WestSideGrow

    Waldo Khronix Grow Journal

    Hello 420 members, guys, and gals ! This will be my first grow journal and first ever grow! So please, lay down all the feedback possible ! Here is the info- bag seed(named it Waldo khronix) Pot size- 2 1/2 gallon, plenty of drainage. Soil- fox farms ocean forest. Sprouted...
  12. WestSideGrow

    Humidity dome

    Question of the day for me 420members, why and when should I use a humidity dome ? :peace:
  13. WestSideGrow

    Growth Hormone, Super thrive

    SO, here's my situation. Germing seed in a 2 gallon pot filled with fox farms ocean forest soil. I was wondering, While it's germing would there be any point in using green dot root growth hormone, and or superthrive ? A buddy of mine said super thrive would help in a low dose of a...
  14. WestSideGrow

    Tap water?

    Hello again 420 Members. A quick question, I filled a jug up with some tap water and am letting it sit to get room temp. Is there anything wrong with using tap water ? If so anything I can use to make it just as good ? And what's the deal/ point of using distilled water ? Please and...
  15. WestSideGrow

    What's you're favorite strain?

    Hello 420 members, just pondering on my thoughts and I have to say, Larry OG has to be (hands down) my favorite strain of all time. 1. Larry OG 2. Train wreck 3. Bubuwreck Larry OG had the most hairs then any other strain I've smoked, even more so then orange kush. Gave me a nice body high...
  16. WestSideGrow

    Southern California Seasonal growing

    Hello 420 members, Another quick question for all of you who have more info then me ! Is now a bad or good time to be starting new seedlings ? I live in so cal where the sun is at full blast, reaching a peak of 115 ! Feedback is always welcome. Please and thank you ! :peace: Additional...
  17. WestSideGrow

    Indoor seedling cfl

    Hello, again 420 members. A quick question, How long (if at all) Can I keep 1 Seedling under a CFL Desk lamp. You see I live in Southern Cali Where the weather has gotten to it's peak of 115 degrees, The sun at a full 12 hours would burn her to a crisp. I will be placing her outside in some...
  18. WestSideGrow

    Non germination seed

    Hello, I was wondering if i sow a bag seed, seed in some fox farms ocean forest soil water it and leave it for a few days, you think it'll grow eventually ? No germination ? Just a silly question :peace: - westsidegrow
  19. WestSideGrow

    Extra seedling care please help

    Extra seedling care. HELP. Info- bagseed,2 gallon pot, fox farms medium, outdoor, so-cal. 3 days old today, My question is, is there any extra seedling care, or anything I can give my seedling to reach it's full potential? - westsidegrow.
  20. WestSideGrow

    New Seedling - Fairly new grower - Please help

    Hello My name is Larry_______New Seedling, (New grower) I know Most basic things for cannabis survival. I'm looking to grow the best buds possible. So my question is, Is there any extra care for seedlings, What are all the basic things i need to know to make this seedling grow into a beautiful...
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