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  1. cannilingus

    White Rhino pheno

    Nirvana fem. This one went purp on me. lol. cant tell you how good it is. havent smoked in 18 months or so. One of my last plants, ill grow. wanted to share this preety girl, with you all. Not sure how much longer i will be around. Lung disease taking over. (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). I...
  2. cannilingus

    My outdoor OG Kush - Dinafem

    its august 24, now. for a week or so, she is showing lots of buds comming forth. looks to be long, colas afer they fill in. i am in the pacific northwest, about 25 miles south of seattle, wa. usa. I have never done one of these outside. They seem to get done, indoors, before 8 weeks in the bloom...
  3. cannilingus

    Common for me - Bloom time problems

    too much stuff? i dont give me much. or, is this just normal? these, are on aurora indica, at week 6. in bloom.
  4. cannilingus

    What's this?

  5. cannilingus

    O.G. Kush - Dinafem

    day 58. flush tomorrow. (a bit late). harvest on day 63, i figure.
  6. cannilingus

    Earth Juice?

    I am in the process, of trying out some earth juice. i got a qt each, of the grow and bloom. Simple shaking, does not mix it. i use a skinny stick. and stir it up real good. Anyway, i thought i would try it. In the past, any time i used so called "organics", i either burned my plants, or, they...
  7. cannilingus

    Matanuska seeds

    i see a few out there. sagermatha has five fems for 77. was considereing these saw them on herbies. see that a couple others have what might be considered close to the real mccoy, without too much hybid. has anyone hatched out any of these, from sagernatha? does anyone have a feminized...
  8. cannilingus

    Neem oil and buds

    i sprayed neem oil on buds, (brain fart) two weeks before harvest. not heavy. just a shot. as preventative. but, buds, while not cured, taste funny. and, now, seem to be "clearing up" with more jar time. i know neem is organic. anyway, whats your take? thanks.
  9. cannilingus

    When to add bud boosters?

    i been growing for a while. but, i hear many things, from many people, on just how and when, to add the boosters. I have used different boosters. but at this time, i have been using snow storm ultra, added to my dyna gro, on weeks 4 and five, at a tsp per gallon. i am getting low on this...
  10. cannilingus

    Recent chops

    god bud, and blackberrie heads.
  11. cannilingus

    Was gifted a bag of earthworm castings.

    I run hp soiless. i have used foxrfarms kangaroots, and recently sweet and dandy, to encourage mycortizae grouth. Yesterday, i was doing some transplanting, (five dimafem o.g kush, and some rooted god bud clones). i added a half cup or so, to the four gallon pots, and, half that, to the one...
  12. cannilingus

    Four Blackberries & two God Buds at seven weeks in bloom

    the single cola photo, is blackberrie. probably, the best producer i have ever had..mellow, smooth smoke. very dense buds. the god, is the strongest ive personally found. couch lock. a bit harsh, tho. i can no longer smoke it. lol.
  13. cannilingus

    Orange Hill Special

    I just ordered, three fem seeds, of this strain, from dutch passion, thru a prominent seed re-distributor. I am hoping for a nice, orangey plant, to grow with my god bud, and o.g kush girls. Has anyone grown, or even smoked, any of this strain? Thanks in advance. Happy halloween!
  14. cannilingus

    Breaking the boredom

    Hi everyone. i have not been on much lately. Having gotten my gardon down to two strains, and, after my fifth out of five reg chemo seeds, from joti, were all males, i am down to two strains. God bud, and O.G kush (dinafem). I like trying new things. I have lots of fems left from nirvana, that i...
  15. cannilingus

    Dinafem OG Kush

    the result of my free seed. took cuttings from this, that are going in soon. smells great, tight buds, and, my usual yeild. perhaps 2 oz. it may just be a keeper. very sticky, too. but, no visible crystals. very sticky, and dank smelling. like lemons and such.
  16. cannilingus

    August 1st - Two outdoor girls

    one on left, is hollands hope. on right, frisian dew. i have neither grow these two streins, nor smoked them. just popped the two fem seeds, and planted them. hopefully, they are not ditch weed...
  17. cannilingus

    Papaya - Nirvanna

    Cut these four girls at day 60. Then smell very nice. Like the whiskey/pipe tobacco they claim. Grown in larger 7 gallon pots, im guessing i got three oz each. However, these came from an original seed plant. one pheno, and, i dont like the fact that this one, had thin, weak stalks. they...
  18. cannilingus

    Dinafem OG Kush

    HIGH ALL! Hope the summer is treating eveyone well. Today, i want to ask anyone, what they think i can expect, from one of two fem seeds, i got as a freebie. dinafems og kush. i have never smoked this. let alone grew it. Right now, its been transplanted into a four gallon pot, and, is perhaps a...
  19. cannilingus

    Odd looking Frisian Dew

    i popped two frisian dew seeds, and after growing them up a bit, gave one to a freind. its now about 5 feet tall. and, apparently healthy. the thing is, it does not look line mine at all. its leaves, are very jagged, and, the tops of the limps, looks squiggily. weird. it has no smell, at all...
  20. cannilingus

    Pot size

    For a long time, i have been using 4 gallon pots, for my soiless grows. alternating, with five gallon smart pots. I just got a hold of four, 7 gallon pots. while not seeming that much bigger, when i place the four inside the seven, i have four "papaya" plants, im going to put in the sevens, to...
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