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  1. Smokeater

    A past grower comes back home to 420 Magazine

    I forgot how to start a new post after all this time since the end of 2016 and am writing this as my new introduction, hoping that my friends might still get notified of this reply. If anyone that remembers me still, I just wanted to explain what happened. First I got really sick and ended up...
  2. Smokeater

    My First Time Growing

    I don't have any photos as I don't have a digital camera. But I planted 3 seeds that I have gotten out of a bag (can't afford to buy them), 2 grew and after 8 days they are about 5 inches long with the small leaves on top. I am going to find a camera but could someone also explain how to add a...
  3. Smokeater

    Getting seeds to sprout

    Forgive me if I have no idea what I'm doing and ask dumb questions. I just read on a different thread NOT to place the seeds between paper towels to get them to sprout. I'm getting ready to try growing my own for the first time and have no clues about this stuff. What is the best way to get your...
  4. Smokeater

    How does heat affect growing your own

    How does heat figure into the growth? The only stealth place I have is in a unheated crawl space,, so I was wondering if it's even possible to grow my own in an unheated crawl space. I will have one grow lamp in a small growing tent. Thanks to anyone who can help! This board is a Godsend.
  5. Smokeater

    Medical Marijuana Doctor

    Does anyone know of a Doctor in the far north of Illinois (north of Chicago even) that writes prescriptions for medical marijuana cards closer to Wisconsin than Chicago? I'm a disabled Firefighter/Paramedic injured in the line of duty and my Doctor has me on 3 Class 2 narcotics everyday due to...
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