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  1. Growing247

    Doc Bud: All Organic OG Kush SCROG

    The OG branches when i first started growing with the SCRoG were normal sized, but before long the buds got so thick and heavy from top to bottom I have to support them with string or else they fall over. SCRoG is the key to increasing yields so much. :MoreNutes:
  2. Growing247

    First Time Grower! Advice Appreciated

    Re: First Time Grower! Please Help! What this looks like to me is the plants are so young that the soil has too much Nitrogen in it. I do not think it is a lack of water, but too much nutrients on young fragile plants. Once the plants get larger and more used to the soil they will perk up...
  3. Growing247

    How do I Recognize, Control, and Prevent Powdery Mildew?

    PM is the biggest pain in the ass. Once you've got it, you might as well trash your plants, clean the place thoroughly, wait a couple weeks, and start over. I use fans, dehumidifiers, only thing I do not use is a sulfur burner which might be the next step. Also, some strains are more weak to...
  4. Growing247

    Doc Bud: All Organic OG Kush SCROG

    Your grow looks very similar to mine. I started a soil grow flowering on October 15th with 6 Tahoe OG, 1 Reserva Privada #18 and 1 clone I got from a dispensary. I think the clone was Dead Head or Larry, not too sure. My setup is very similar with 2 black 4x4 flood trays, with PVC piping to...
  5. Growing247

    How does growing in soil compare to hydro?

    I used to grow in hydroponics for a long time, and switched to soil and never looked back. You may get a little benefit from growing in hydro like *slightly* bigger buds but on the other hand it is tons and tons more work, more electricity, as well as more risk of destroying your crop by having...
  6. Growing247

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina

    I hate to take up more of your time but I have gotten some seeds from WORLD OF SEEDS that I would consider crap. I know AUTOFLOWER seeds are not as large as regular cannabis seeds but still. I have gotten some seeds that were very very small. I don't do the clone game becaue I run a sealed...
  7. Growing247

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina

    I just bought me a 3 pack of WORLD OF SEEDS Afghan Kush X Black Domina. The first time I ordered a pack not 1 seed sprouted despite being soaked in water for over 3 days no tap root emerged. This second pack I ordered has gotten here and I have submerged the seeds and no taproots have yet...
  8. Growing247

    Genuine Grand Daddy Purple - Ken's Cut

    GDP and Norcal URKLE are so similar but just ever so slightly different. When the plant get's to around week 7 and you hit it with cold temps. at night it will turn completely purple. The bud has a green grape flavor and I have grown this strain many many times. At least 4 or 5 times. The...
  9. Growing247

    Sativa Mix 600w Indoor UK

    All is not lost though. I have "8" healthy OG Kush plants. Just a thought as far as your grow is going. I have learned this over many many crops. I have been growing 3 or 4 crops a year for going on 5 years now and I will say this...IT IS BETTER TO GROW ALL 1 STRAIN RATHER THAN MULTIPLE...
  10. Growing247

    Sativa Mix 600w Indoor UK

    That sounds like it should turn out to be a good crop. All feminized I hope. I started a grow myself on the 13th Oct. and started out by vegging around 16 Tahoe OG Kush plants and a few feminized Lemon Diesel plants as well in 2 4x4 plastic flood trays. After about 2 weeks the sex starting...
  11. Growing247

    Best strain for hash?

    I will tell you in my opinion the best strain for making hashish has got to be WARLOCK from Magus Genetics. The glands are HUGE and it is the type of plant where the resin glands aren't just around the buds...they go all the way down the leaves nowhere near the buds and they are just covered...
  12. Growing247

    The Cali Connection Blackwater

    All 3 seeds I got turned out to be male : ( oh well, i saved the pollen. To be honest, Cataract Kush has darker leaves and buds the Black water gonna have to be pretty black cause it looked pretty light green to me, maybe just the males are green or the plant doesnt start turning black until...
  13. Growing247

    Help selecting a strain

    There was a guy on here who had a 250 watt HPS like you and he grew a WORLD OF SEEDS AFGHAN KUSH LANDRACE strain and he trained in a bunch to get multiple tops and he got a lot of bud off that 1 plant. I've grown that strain too, in fact I just ordered a few more seed packs. The attitude...
  14. Growing247

    Growing my own seeds

    As Steve said you will get male pollen. However, this is not all bad because if you have a spare green house you never use like me. I grow my female plants indoors and I grow males outside in the greenhouse. When the pollen is ready to harvest I cut off the pollen sacks and dry them over...
  15. Growing247

    Hands Down! strongest strain of MMJ available?

    Every photo I see of SLH the buds look all whispy and the yields look tiny. I'm used to growing landrace afghanis where the buds are so big you need to support them with strings. Also, why grow SLH when you could grow LEMON SKUNK and forget the haze. I personally do not like hazes. They take...
  16. Growing247

    Shishka Berry

    Shishkaberry is real popular in Oregon and it won strain of the year at this years medical Oregon cannabis cup.
  17. Growing247

    Is this a good seed or a bad seed?

    Yeah just push it under water with your finger. If it doesn't grow a tap root in 3-5 days its probably a dud but i plant those seeds anyway and sometimes they grow.
  18. Growing247

    ThatOneGuyy's First Lemon Skunk Indoor Grow

    I grew A DNA Lemon Skunk plant this year outdoor and it got vegged indoors until it was 2 feet tall and then stuck it outside. I also grew a really good lemon OG pheno but the lemon skunk had a lemon smell to it but much more subtle than the lemon diesel or the sour lemon OG I grew from Emerald...
  19. Growing247

    First Ever Grow!

    Nice looking tent. I just replaced my panel box which was from the 1960s and replaced it with something a little newer and safer. Also, added ground rods, power outlets in the ceiling as well as mounting my ballasts on the wall. I'm growing in a spare bedroom and will be growing all CALI...
  20. Growing247

    my 2nd hobby/medical grow, want to do this right

    Ok so let me tell you what my setup is going to be. I have a spare bedroom in a finished basement. I have already spent 12,00.00 dollars on replacing the 1960s era panel box, installed outlets on their own breakers, and run ground rods as well as installing new outlets, and replacing a bunch...
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