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  1. BongIn Stoner

    Water-bongs-glass-pipes.com Customers Feedback & General Questions

    Hello, I start this thread to allow for better communication and sharing of experiences with buying at our online store and experience with our glass products. Our online store - www.water-bongs-glass-pipes.com, where you can find hand blown Pyrex glass pipes, water bongs, one hitters...
  2. BongIn Stoner

    2012 Thick Clear Glass Middle Sized Bong Series

    Hello dear friends, Just to infor you that we have in our store interesting water bongs made from thick glass (5 and 4mm). Clear glass is cheaper so it is all good price and worth consideration. Take a look: So what do you think? Have a chance in your eyes ?
  3. BongIn Stoner

    New Stunning Glass Percolator Bongs!

    Just letting you know my friends, we just make and added to our store some really interesting pieces of glass. Check this out and let me know if you like them ! Both are made from thick 5mm glass (Pyrex)! :thankyou:
  4. BongIn Stoner

    Online Smoke Shop specialized on Water Bongs and Glass Pipes of own production.

    We continue the long tradition of glass processing in our region and produce glass pipes using time-proven procedures. Experienced glassblowers produce for You a unique, beautiful and valuable water bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, one-hitters and other glass smoking products in many varieties and...
  5. BongIn Stoner

    Another Short Review Of Bong To Share

    The bong I tested was, Magic Glass - small water bong from Water bongs glass pipes When I got my bong it came in a very inconspicuous package. Which is key because I reside in a house with two apartments. When I opened the box the Bong was wrapped in bubble wrap and came with a nice pipe and...
  6. BongIn Stoner

    ExcellentPipes Bong #98

    Review written by one of our customers, I decide to share it with you. Sexy Glass Salvia Bong #98 Buy price $49 (action price) First Impressions: I usually start a review with the actual product, however, when dealing with glass products, there is an important piece of the overall purchase...
  7. BongIn Stoner

    New Bongs

    Two new water bongs in our store:
  8. BongIn Stoner

    Great Discount on TWO Best Favorite Bongs

    Good size, ice-catcher and two-parts bowl with diffuser end:
  9. BongIn Stoner

    Some News from Bongin - Daily Discount and New Color for Writings!

    Just to inform our dear customers and fans, we just started again daily 30% off discounts and also add choice od GREEN color for custom writings on the bongs and pipe. Yes, you can have your sign also on the pipe now, better said, in the inner wall of pipe :) And it can look like this one:
  10. BongIn Stoner

    New Piece From Bongin Workshops

    New pure glass bong with twisted iceholder :) Can be customized by placing up to ten characters on the mouthpiece!
  11. BongIn Stoner

    Several New Bongs Inspired By Nature

    Bongs with animals - frog, crab, starfish, cobra snake, spider:
  12. BongIn Stoner

    Clear Glass Bongs No. 110, 115, 602, 604 are Now a Job Lot Price!

    Just put our prices for most popular clear glass bongs even lower! no.110, price:$47.40 no.602, price:$51.50 no.115, price:$57.40 no.604, price:$57.40 no.606, price:$72.10
  13. BongIn Stoner

    New Laboratory Glass Water Bongs In Stock!

    We have added some new items to our menu. These bongs are made from laboratory glass equipment, good quality (not like our own hand blown glass, but still good enough :) ) Here they are, lab glass water bongs: go for it :bong:! and more :yahoo:
  14. BongIn Stoner

    Bongin Glass Bongs and Pipes

    I set up this thread for collecting some responses from our customers and fans. You can post there your opinions - product reviews, recommendations, questions etc. :51:
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