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    BAC products, not sure how to use them

    I was given a bottle of "zeegras" kelp and a bottle of "BAC Daily" for free from my local hydroponic store, but the bottles have very little information on them. All I know is that I told my guy that I wanted to try adding kelp and micro organisms to my next grow and he said I can have these...
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    Please Help, Root Rot!

    I've got a few critical widow clones in a 2 gallon black tub with a Hydrofarm AAPA15L 6-Watt 15-LPM air pump. I'm using 1 part veg GH, a tablespoon of Growzyme ( since I couldn't get hydroguard) and I've been putting in about 1 cap of 3% h2O2 daily. The water temps usually range from 65-71°. The...
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    Another Is This An Hermaphrodite? post

    Cut a handful of clones from my plant a couple weeks into flower. Almost all rooted and are showing signs of revegging. This one looks like the stress might have popped a nut. What do you think? I'm pretty sure it's a ball but in the last pic it does look a lot like the calyx on the lower node.
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    Should I defoliate now or wait?

    Im thinking ill probably let her grow another 2-3 weeks before flipping to 12/12, shes only taking up about 6"x9" of a 24"x16"x19" grow box. There are about 50 nodes in that little canopy that are at least on their 3rd set of leaves but most arent getting any light. Should I remove a bunch of...
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    Critical Widow Cabinet SCROG DWC 2019

    Cabinet 24"x 16"x19" 4 gallon dwc bucket clay balls whisper 10 air pump 203 watt total- 6x23 watt clf- 65watt of bridgelux led strips 50/50 3500k and 5000k) General hydro 3 part growzyme 1 plant- Critical widow Fem from CANUK seeds Grown in Canada, eh Hello again 420 forum readers, its been a...
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    Slow growing DWC seedling

    I've got a seedling going in a DWC clay pellets and it feels like it's growing really slowly. Maybe I fucked the sprout up by planting it right into clay. It poked out of the clay on the 27th, here's a pic from the 29th and another taken today(the 8th). The netpot is about an inch submerged and...
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    DWC water level for seedling

    It's been about 8 days since I put my germinated seed into clay pellets (probably won't do that again and opt for Rockwool first)and finally I've got roots poking through the netpot. I've currently got my water level so that my net pot is dipping into about 3/4 inches of water. Now that I've got...
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    Starting DCW from seed in clay pellets?

    Im trying to find some information on growing seedlings in a clay dwc. Ive got a couple seeds germinating, Ive got my bucket, air pump, net pots, clay pellets and general hydro 3 part. Most of the guides Ive found talk about growing from clones or a couple week old rockwool cubes. Im trying to...
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    Nutrient burn on 2 week old plant?

    I recently started growing a few old seeds I had laying around in a promix potting soil. I'm not sure what the strain is but I think they are both from the same batch. So it's about 2 weeks from seed and one of my plants isn't doing as well as the other one. The leaves are clawing down and...
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    CO2 PPM with DIY generators?

    Im thinking about adding CO2 into my cabinet grow with the diy yeast and sugar method. I was wondering if anyone knows how much CO2 these things actually produce? Im probably going to get an arduino gas meter to test out the ppms but thats going to take like 2 months to arrive. Anyone here ever...
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    is it time to harvest? - Pics

    This was switched to 12-12 a little after 420. Flushed about a week ago. Sorry for crappy picture, was the best I could get.
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    Insurance inspection help!

    So ive got someone from my landlords insurance policy coming by to check out my house but ive got two small plants that have just started flowering inside of a cabinet in my desk. Ive got a link to the grow in my signature, the cabinet is really stealthy as its just a part of my desk and the...
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    Burying SCROG stems

    So I know that you can bury a plants stem and it will start to grow new roots. If you have a vegged SCROG Can you burry the entire plant up to a few inches under your screen? A lot of people seem to pull off all the leaves under the scrog so its just a mess of bare stems under there not...
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    Help name my bong

    Any idea what to name this guy?
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    Preflower? M/F?

    Not sure if its a preflower or if its developed enough to tell sex. 2 month old, still veg, soil. thoughts?
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    alternating nodes since sprout

    My girlfriend and I have both planted some seeds we found in our bud but her plant has something different about it. its had alternating nodes since its 4th node and its first 2 nodes were both single pointed true leaves. Is this just her plant being the unique seed in the mix or can...
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    Light burnt leaves- Cut or keep?

    Almost a week ago a lightbulb fell onto a few of my leaves and burnt them pretty badly. The part on the stem and half way up the leaves are burnt but the ends are still greeen. Is the plant still using these leaves even if they are hanging on by a thread? If i do cut off the burnt fan leaves...
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    FIMMED Plant done right?

    Hey, first attempt at pruning and I was wondering if I had fimmed my plant correctly, its been about 30 hours since ive cut it.
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    No Lateral Growth?!

    Ive got two 1 month old from bag seed indicas and one is growing a lot of lateral branches while the other plants side branches stopped growing. Ive recently started lst with my plant that has laterals. Should I try topping or lst on my other plant to encourage lateral growth? Or can less...
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    Cabinet Bag Seed Soil Grow 2013-2014 - 1 Month In

    2 plants Bagseed sprouted on christmas and newyears indica 1 month old vegging soil potting mix 1gallon pot 2 23watt cfls 1520 lumons each 6500°k 24 hour light no fan 2 foot tall cabinet 2drops of schultz 10-15-10 fert in 2 cups of distilled water water every 2-3 days 1 cup each plant. This...
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