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    Pineapple Skunk buds.

    Here Is some Pineapple Skunk I got right now. Heavily frosty with trichomes.

    Pineapple Skunk flower

    Here Is some Pineapple Skunk I got right now. Heavily frosty with trichomes.

    Purple Gelato #45 Review, With Pictures

    The purple, Gelato #45 that I got some time back, was an amazing smoke. It had a good pungent nose, had the Girl Scout Cookies taste to her, with Sunset Sherbert tones all through out the smoke. She was frosty with lots of trichomes, had an amazing purple bud structure, and was VERY sticky. The...

    Chemdawg OG Kush plant buds

    She Is about 6 foot 4, and has alot of frosty, strong, potent smelling buds with lots of hairs. She was planted back In may, and will be ready by around October 26th.

    OG X Haze buds.

    Here are 2 large nugs from my OG x Haze harvest. She was harvested yesterday. I got around 6 ounces wet weight. Dry, she should be about 3-4 ounces.

    Should I harvest her now?

    I've been needing some medicine for awhile now, should I harvest her now? She Is In week 5 of flowering, and her trichomes are milky.

    Should I harvest now?

    I've been needing some medicine for awhile, she Is In week 5 of blooming. She has cloudy thrichomes already.

    My OG x Haze plant's buds

    Here are pictures of my girl's beautiful looking buds at week 2 of flower.

    OG x Haze plant buds

    So far she Is looking good, by October 27th, she should be ready for harvest. She Is 5 foot 7.
  10. RAIN MAN

    Medical marijuana card appointment for medical marijuana, and medical growing.

    I made an appointment today for a medical marijuana card so I may medicate my chronic back pain, and for growing. Once the law becomes 100% legal in Illinois starting, January, 1, 2020. I always wanted to try dispensary medical marijuana. Now I have the chance.
  11. RAIN MAN

    How much?

    How many gallons of water should I be watering my around 5 foot tall mother plant? I just got done feeding blooming nutrients. I water her every 2 days.
  12. RAIN MAN

    Usual harvest time?

    I got a large mother plant that just since last night grew some small buds with white hairs around them. Today Is August 8th, by when will she be ready for harvest? I myself was thinking by October 18th, when the nights are longer, and temperatures drop to the 50s-60s. That date Is good 2...
  13. RAIN MAN

    Just bought some OGesus & Super Cheese Express seeds from Seedsman

    I just bought these seeds yesterday. I will be planting 1 Super Cheese Express, and one OGesus seed once they arrive. I'll also be topping these plants.
  14. RAIN MAN

    Does anybody know why?

    Does anybody know why a 7 inch tall plant I have started growing buds, while my tall, around 5 foot mother plants, and my tall 4 foot tall mother plant haven't grown buds yet? The 7 inch plant was planted about 3 weeks ago.
  15. RAIN MAN

    Rain Man's OG x Haze & Chemdawg OG Plants

    The first 6 pictures are of the OG x Haze plant. The next 3 are of the Chemdawg OG. They should be blooming soon. I have had preflowers for about 3 weeks. In about 1 week and a half I should have buds. I feed blooming nutrients every other watering.
  16. RAIN MAN

    Maybe a new grow during the winter indoors

    I'm thinking of making a new grow journal during the winter. I'm thinking of planting one feminized Fruity Pebbles, one auto Black Cream, one auto Blueberry Ghost OG, and one auto Super Hash. I will let you guys know when I do. This should be a good run, with beautiful buds as my gift.
  17. RAIN MAN

    When do you believe this plant will start blooming?

    I would like an estimate as to when this mother plant will start blooming. It's about 5 feet tall.
  18. RAIN MAN

    Best way to make an outdoor plant bloom early?

    I have 2 outdoor plants, I would like to bloom them early so I can have them for about 7 weeks Into blooming before I run out of time for harvest.
  19. RAIN MAN

    Medical marijuana card appointment.

    I have an appointment to get a medical marijuana card In Illinois. I have chronic back pain, and take opioids for the condition. I will be submitting the paperwork to the Illinois pilot program. My appointment Is on the 5th of next month. I definetely want to try the medical strains from the...
  20. RAIN MAN

    Outdoor plant, how much longer before blooming?

    How much longer before I start getting buds from this plant?
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