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    Plant is yellowing badly

    Don't think the lights are the problem. I've been running this set up for a while and currently have 2 other plants in the same room with no problems. I think a flush and half nutrients sounds pretty good.
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    Plant is yellowing badly

    Only on week 5, still feeding in full force, it should look a lot better at this point. Those buds should easily double to triple in size.
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    Plant is yellowing badly

    I use emerald harvest a/b with calmag, emerald goddess, honey chome, and king kola as I feel needed. Just not sure what I'm missing here. Don't really want to keep guessing. I don't like to repot in flower but I'm thinking of doing it. That with a flush and some fresh nutes?
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    Plant is yellowing badly

    Need a little help here. This plant is going downhill fast. Had a mild spider mite issue a 3-4 weeks back which is now under control. And what I thought was being caused by the mites is continuing to get worse. Check the pictures and let me know what you think. Mikey Kush from seed Dirt...
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    Time to harvest?

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    Time to harvest?

    Ok, so I know it's only been 2 days since I posted this but I swear the buds already look bigger. Even with it all tied up the branches keep bending under the weight. Still no sign of amber. I guess my next question is when should I stop feeding nutrients and start flushing? Or even stop...
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    Thoughts on new light setup for flowering?

    Here is the setup I was talking about earlier on. The rotating stand is one I bought off ebay for christmas trees. It's there, you just can't see it under there.
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    Time to harvest?

    Just let me know what you think. Day 54. Under 1000w mh and 1000w hps.
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