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    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    Merry Xmas, been busy the past couple days but lets get down to it. My plants finally went into some new soil. I put them in various pot/bag sizes to give me an idea of what I want to use next time around. There's defiantly going to be more uniformity all around. I have them in the...
  2. Flower room

    Flower room

    A ill messy but working on it
  3. Moved to flowering room

    Moved to flowering room

  4. Mother plants in training

    Mother plants in training

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    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    Hey CA, thnx for the sub. Here's my current water filter (idk how it came out sideways) :50: Im using roots organic soil and haven't really started any nutrients. I've fed them with fox farm grow big and sea green once. Im going to stick them in pots, however still conflicted on how...
  6. Current water filter

    Current water filter

  7. New light and mother transfer

    New light and mother transfer

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    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    So I put up my new light. Big kahuna 6". I like it, my plants are getting more light. I also picked out my two mother plants and transferred them. I can't wait to see how they're doing tomorrow. Tomorrow I will put some finishing touches on my flowering room. I still can't decide whether I...
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    And the bill moves forward!

    Wow this is great news! Thanks for the link.
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    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    Hey I'm back! My babies are 4 weeks old today. 6 of my plants have undergone LST and the other 6 are being grown wildly. I plan on transplanting them either today or tomorrow, I just need to make a few changes to my grow room. They are looking nice and healthy for the most part with some leaf...
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  13. Week 4

    Week 4

    Agent orange/ Special kush. I am LST half and letting the other half grow wild.
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    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

  15. Agent Orange and Special K

    Agent Orange and Special K

    I bought these babies when they were about 6 inches and this is what they looked like the first week I had them. They are about 3 1/2 weeks now.
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    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    Hello and :welcome: fellow growers and readers. I finally feel like I'm ready to dip into marihuana cultivation and am eager to see what happens. I've done countless hours of reading on these forums and others and have learned about all types of techniques from all types of growers. I'm not...
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