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  1. Nismo12

    Devil's Carnival: The Community Grow Experience

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Welcome everyone to the Devil's Carnival community grow experience! This is where we can all share our pictures and our thoughts on this experimental strain. Genetics: The "Father" (female turned male using colloidal silver to create female pollen) Sweet...
  2. Nismo12

    Nismo Tries To Tame The Gorilla! Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto & Six Shooter Auto

    Welcome 420 family to this Auto Adventure! For the next 3 months we will be taming the infamous Gorilla Glue. This strain has been on our to grow list for a while and we are glad we are getting this opportunity. These were sent to us from Gorilla Seeds in favor of a journal of these Fast Buds...
  3. Nismo12

    Fluxing Incredible! - Building It With Brix - 420

    Hello everyone! :welcome: We are about to embark on an Incredible journey. Here we will be fluxing our way through this grow. We will be doing a Dr. Krippling's Increndible builk. “Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower...
  4. Nismo12

    Nismo's 2nd Grow - 5 Strains - 3 x 600 Watt HIDs - Topping - LST & Fluxing

    Well here we go again! This line up will include: Dinafem OG Kush Barneys pineapple chunk Heavyweight fruit punch Dinafem cheese Super silver haze from crop king seeds We have a 4x2x5 Apollo text for veg and a 4x4x7 tent for flower. For air extraction - 6" in line fan 440cfm and carbon...
  5. Nismo12

    Nismo's First Grow - 2 x 600 Watt - CKS Purple Kush - 4x4

    Hello all! I'm excited to be here and doing this grow! I've done loads of reading so I feel I have a good understanding of whats going on, just need the experience and help from you guys! Grow area - 4x2x5 tent inside a 8x10 closet Light - 600 watt MH dimmable for veg and 600 watt HPS...
  6. Nismo12

    First time grow - Humidity issue

    I have my tent setup and my put a heater in my room to get it up to temp. It is currently 74° in there and 34% humidity. I attempted to put a bowl of water in there to hopefully raise the humidity but no luck. Seedlings just spouted this morning so they are happy. But would like to get the...
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