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  1. J

    Hash stash bummer

    Hi all... its been a while since I have made my way through this neck of the woods. anyway I have a fairly nice stash of bubble hash which is very potent and has sentimental value. I am a collector of sorts... I like having a goody stash of multiple varieties if you know what I'm saying...
  2. J

    Bubble Hash consumption

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to consume bubble hash? I am not sure if I should smoke it out of a bowl, use my volcano vaporizor, or hot knife it. Any suggestions from previous experiences?
  3. J

    Its up to you

    what would you rather have... a or b? a. Unlimited weed for the rest of your life. Any strain you want, anytime you want and as much as you want (includes hash and butter). To top it all off you couldn't be arrested for marijuana charges excluding distribution. However you would not be...
  4. J

    Volcano Resin? THC oil?

    Is the oil that builds up on the inside of the volcano THC oil? I am guessing that since there is no burning involved in the vaporizing process; the resin-like build up on the inside of the valve that attaches to the bag is potent with THC. What I am trying to say in the form of a question...
  5. J

    What would you rather have?

    Would you rather have a RooR, Volcano, or Illadelph? I personally would take a $250 RooR or Illi over a $500+ Volcano vaporizer. I have smoked plenty of Volcanos, they are cool and all, and they do save pot... but I just feel like I get way higher off of a nice glass bong. What do you think?
  6. J

    Keif storage

    Is there a good non-stick place to stash my keif.... besides the bottom of my grinder. If I leave the keif in the grinder I end up smoking it...but I figure if I put the keif in something else I could store it until I have enough for hash. any ideas?
  7. J

    bubbler or bowl

    I just got a nice, new glass hammer 2 days ago... but i haven't smoke out of my bubler in a while... So... which one should I use for tonight's night cap... I have been struggling with this desicion for about 20 minutes. I really like my bubler, but I had it for a while, and my new hammer has...
  8. J

    cruise anyone?

    anyone ever brought some green with them on a cruise recently? do you get searched when entering a ship? I am going on a cruise soon and I am debating trying to sneek some pot on the boat with me or just trying to buy some on a carribian island.
  9. J


    Rule number one...don't give out names. Well... it used to be rule number one but lately in my area people have been ratting each other out for a fucking get out of jail free card. In the past year there have been so many huge drug busts in my area and a couple days ago there was a record...
  10. J

    It's a bong night tonight

    I completely forgot that I have really nice glass bong... now that I remembered that I have one, it is time to use it and forget I own one again. O yeah... does any one else besides me put a screen in thier slider (male piece)?
  11. J


    I am an 18 year old male going to PSU at DELCO... My favorite thing to do is play guitar, but I can play almost any instrument with strings. I smoke an embarrassing amount of pot, play a killer game of pool, and have lost my train of thought. So that's it. o yeah my name is John... what's up?
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