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    Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) CO2 Systems Used for Dispensary Extracts?

    1. Does anyone know which dispensaries are distributing extracts that have been processed using the SFE CO2 methods? 2. How do the CO2/SFE extracts differ from the BHO type in consistency, flavor, smoothness and effect? 3. Are the products made through the CO2/SFE method more desirable - for...
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    Massachusetts MMJ Program Rules Open for Comments for April 19 Public Hearings

    Hey Peeps, I have been reviewing the draft proposed MMJ regulations that Massachusetts is considering right now. The materials are available on their website and links are provided below; they are accepting comments by e-mail This is the time for public comment! I have spent the past few...
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    New White House Petition to End Federal Prohibition of Marijuana

    Hey my fellow Weed Warriors, I signed this petition on the White House website last night - it is brand new - I was the #3 signature! Here is the website address followed by the simple petition - please register on the website and vote your way to a better America. Cheers, Aardvark...
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    Aardvark's New Grow 12 Hybrid Dutch Strains - Seed-SoG-Tent - 600W CFL Hydro-Aero-DWC

    Hey peeps, this is my first real attempt at doing this myself and its good to know so many of us are here to help one another out. This first posting is all about the background and plans for this project. I already have some photos up in my gallery area of my grow, which I just started on...
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