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  1. Peeece

    The Peeece-ful Gardeners Laboratory

    So I am currently growing out my third grow, and have decided that my current 5X4 setup isn't enough... mind you it's only 5'6" tall... so it really does get cramped in there... The long winter with nothing growing or to tend to was super frustrating... so I am going to invest into a more year...
  2. Peeece

    My First Auto March Madness - Lemon Drop, Gypsy Widow, Cheese, Amnesia

    Spring is in the air... finally after a beotch of a winter!! I'm going to run some Auto's as a quick fix to the long cold winter we had... I've been dying to start growing again, but I am also planning on a new grow room but am waiting to be able to work in half decent weather as I can't even...
  3. Peeece

    2nd Grow - 4 Strains - 5 Girls - All Organic!

    Blueberry(fem seed), Cinderella 99(fem seed), White widow(clone), 2 BubbleG (clones)
  4. Peeece

    Little help - Over here

    I am just going into week 6 of flower... and I have a plant with two main tops... one of them is doing this... This is the two tops beside each other... I'm freaking out a bit... any suggestions?
  5. Peeece

    Complete Rookie here - Is this the 4-5 nodes and time to FIM?

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this... I was looking for the 'ask us anything forum and stumbled over here... I have a grow journal started but haven't figured out how to link it to my signature yet... but it's over there...lol Anyway, one of the girls am growing is a White...
  6. Peeece

    First Grow - Stealth Fridge Conversion - White Widow & BubbleG

    So here it is.. The Chronicles of Peece's Fridge Conversion Grow... I was going to use the old fridge for a smoker...gut it, re-line it, retro fit a smoke box... but all the talk about smoke... I thought, Hey I'm going to try and grow my own Meds... Know exactly what goes in and on them...
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