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    Help: Speed Controlling my 6" CanFan HO (RS6HO)

    Ok, after doing some research (endlessly) I think I have come up with a few things that will control the speed of my fan. (I have tried rheostats, and things like the Speedster. They just cause the evil motor hum!) 1) VSC-DNe. Should throttle my fan with no hum at all? 2) A Variac. The only...
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    HGS or Sannies?

    Well, I think these are the two vendors I would like to try. I have bought from the Attitude once before, but that's about it. I like the strains the Attitude carries, but there are SO many breeders I just feel like the chances of getting a bad pheno are much higher than the desired trait...
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    Light&Cooling Help: Growing in a GL60

    I have a GL60 grow tent (2'x2'x5'3"). I used to run a 150W HPS in this tent without an inline fan, temps were crazy, and it was definitely not enough light for the tent. Now, I am able to upgrade a few things and am curious as to what to get... My options are a 250W HPS, or a 400W HPS. If...
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    Seed Breeders Genetic reliability?

    I of course like any grower, am always out to grow something new. I had a friend locally who had supplied me with genetics, but recently he moved out of country. I have dealt with Seed Vendors before, and I am not looking for that (please no Attitude, or Gypsy etc references). I am only...
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    Wiring CFL's with cleats (help needed)

    Alright, so I am going to build myself a new cab. I have been using outlet adapters on power strips, but I'm building this cab custom myself and want to mount my lights using cleats instead. From what I understand, I just take an extension cord and parallel wire everything on the single cord...
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