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    Help needed when to chop

    Any help with when to chop my crop any help welcome.
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    Help needed when to chop

    Hi all pls help, please take a look at my pic and could you please tell me how much longer before I chop it? ill give some facts spouted out if soil around 21/22 jan flowered a couple off weeks after it's now 5th April still I'm clueless on chopping it's still has good green leafs plenty of...
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'Organic Purple Diesel'

    <p>My friend how long have you been growing yours? It looks like it's coming close.</p>
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'image9218'

    I'll give some facts of my plant it's a Auto AK planted 20 jean first shoot 23rd jan didnt record the first flower stage but from my picture it is near the end but not sure when as the guide is out the window as it's past the 70 day mark. Leafs are still green the hairs are nearer 60/40 white...
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'Tricone'

    Have a look any help on when to harvest all welcome
  6. image9218


    Please help when to chop been since 21jan
  7. image9217


    Please help still green leafs look healthy not sure when to harvest ak auto 21jan till now 4apr clueless on when to chop it's looking with the tris like clear some white and a little very few amber help wanted if photo can help
  8. Tricone


    Here's some close up on tri
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'image9215'

    If any one can help me judge when to harvest e welcome so close don't want to get a dud bud please help. Newbee
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    Help when to harvest 21jan till 4 apr still green leafs tri are a mixed of clear white and a few amber not many the hairs 50/50 it's a auto ak please anyone know when to chop
  11. image9214


    75 days and still no change when to chop the leafs still green tri are mixed lot clear some white and a little amber hairs are 50/50 anyone ideas on auto ak pls help welcome
  12. Help harvest

    Help harvest

    Hi need help my plant has gone past it\'s 70days and the plant is still going the tri are mixed lot clear some white and amber to but leafs a green as can be any idea when to chop. Pls help
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    With my own made co2 the colour looks deep.
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'image8523'

    Double power I've put hps also for four hours to give it a boost.
  16. image8523


    Under 400hps and ms0004 led Time for the boost turbo. Want to fatten up buds.
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'image8519'

    <p>The big plant is Auto Ak and the smaller back one is auto northern lights and the front regular super skunk you can see the change from my last pic, first 3 weeks was under 400 hps and the rest is been under ms0004 led and my own co2 so far looks good I've grown with hps before never...
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    Comment by 'Colour69' in media 'Ms0004 auto ak, northern lights and super skunk'

    <p>As you can see from last pic to today's the growth has picked up.</p>
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