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  1. Guerilla Monk

    Best tasting strain?

    Hey guys. Im slowly finishing my Mama Mia grow, and am now deciding on a new strain to add in. Ive selected 2 different phenos of mama mia worth growing, now i have room for 2 more. CAn u guys recommend me a strain that will taste good even if she doesnt meet all the conditions when...
  2. Guerilla Monk

    Mama Mia Fem, Seedsman, In Soil Under 200W CFL Journal

    Hi guys. Im growing Seedsman Mama Mias in soil with organics. I have two phenos, The Green One , and The Pink One. These two are actually flowering moms from which i took the cuttings off. And boy, im happy i did that. These moms will be perfect now to have them flowered, and see what they...
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