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  1. Haha420

    White Grape

    Well I havent been an active member here in I don't even know how long... but I have returned! I come bearing pics of the latest pick up at the local club. This is some White Grape, its basically the strain called grape but since it didn't turn purple as normal it gets dubbed white grape, it...
  2. Haha420

    US Tubes

    Had to swoop by the brand new local glass shop. This place was fucking PROFESSIONAL i was so very impressed i ended walking out with a tube when i had no intentions on getting anything at all. i can no longer smoke and so use a heat gun as a vaporizer. but i havent had a tube to use with the...
  3. Haha420

    Hello Again!

    Hello everyone! it has been quite a while since i have last been here, things have changed A LOT!! itd be fun to see if anyone i remember are still here on the boards or if anyone would remember me! I have been on hiatus from THC for quite a while now truth be told, i never got out of the scene...
  4. Haha420

    G13 & Green Crack Bubble Hash

    Here are two different kinds of bubble hash that were just made last week! The blonder colored one further back is G13 bubble hash and the more orange colored chunk is Green Crack bubble delicious!
  5. Haha420

    Bring on the KAOS

    So a while back i made a thread about the unfortunate death of one of my glass bubblers at the hands of my roommate (the destructor of glass!), but since i had lent my digicam to my little sister who was off on a european adventure i could not get pics at the time. now i have pics of the...
  6. Haha420

    A Day of Awkward Vibes

    Well today marks the death to an awesome era in hand-held smoking paraphernalia within mine own... BEHOLD!!! Old picture I know but tis no more im afraid. Apparently my roommate knocked it over with this box he has to send his xbox360 in back to microsoft to get it fixed. But accidents...
  7. Haha420

    Orange Kush

    So i finally made it back to the 707 and finally got to taste some club buds again. my buddy was pretty excited to show me some of this shit, its some orange kush and the shit will lay your ass out!! :allgood: it was some great weed!
  8. Haha420

    New to Me, but a Familiar Face

    So this should look a little familiar to everyone here on the boards! it would be the same piece just with a different owner now! this is the most gorgeous piece of glass i have ever laid hands on in my fucking life! It truly makes me feel like a competent cannabis connoisseur the geode is...
  9. Haha420

    Smelly lady

    i picked up some smelly lady but was lazy about getting some pics and i knew i had to cuz this shit is dank!! its called smelly lady and the shit knocks you off your rocker for sure haha rather dense and super sticky with a fruity/pine flavor that is just friggin delicious. i also...
  10. Haha420

    Sonoma County Buds

    i had a good buddy from the 707 come stay a week and had a great friggin time! :allgood: its been a while since ive been back there and seen everybody so it was like a breath of fresh air for a week. it was also good to hang out with a fellow 215 patient again! seems like we are scarce up these...
  11. Haha420

    Just Some new Nug

    been boring around here these past few days... so perhaps time for new pictures? (^^hahaha in my town i mean ^^) heres some pretty good nuggage, very dense and flavorful but nothing thatll make you wanna slap yo mamma :laugh2: size picture haha
  12. Haha420

    Green Crack and Some HomeGrown

    newest pick ups from the other day (same day as chance would have it) first on the right we have some very resinous Green Crack! i apologize for the crappy pics but i assure you it is covered in THC crystals, it is some super dense buds that seriously smell of sugar not danky or herby at all...
  13. Haha420

    Stank Weed!

    Some new nug that i acquired its a little leafy but i assure you it is some RANK weed! just grinding a bowl danks out my room and smoking a bowl layered in kif with my bubbler just turns you to cement for the afternoon, leaves you in a fog after you smoke it thats for sure
  14. Haha420

    quick idea?

    ok so i have 3 glass jars encrusted with KIF and i was wondering if i was to get some naptha or 99% iso and used barely enough to collect th KIF and then let it fully evaporate on a plate of glass and scraped it up with a razor, would this a) work very well? b) be very healthy to smoke or vape...
  15. Haha420


    Whaaasssaappenin Whaasssuuppp I GOTS PURPS IN MAH CUP!
  16. Haha420

    Dont know what happened to the other but here is one full swoop

    Well i had posted a thread earlier about my new celebration pipe i got in the mail yesterday, but i dont know what happened to the thread :hmmmm: but i know people saw it because a couple people hit me up on aim with questions in regards to the pipes so i thought i would post up my pics again...
  17. Haha420

    Did I do the right thing?

    ok so i just had a member from this website (who ive talked to before) contact me and ask for ways to get a med card. note this person does not have a valid reason and has claimed they just want to smoke weed... heres the convo, did i come off a bit harsh and did i do the right thing? 3000...
  18. Haha420

    Some Snowcap!

    just picked up a bit of some Snowcap yesterday. its ABSOLUTELY covered in orange hairs!!! it has a very lucid smooth smell and will stick to a wall when you press it (ya i actually tried it) purely because of how crystally it is. Tastes as delicious as it smells, not harsh at all. and the high...
  19. Haha420

    Just chillin, hangin out to dry

    So the stuff my buddy grew is a bit wet so i am drying it in a paper bag to hopefully get it up to par. seriously smells amzing though! i can wait to finally taste it (im refusing to try any just yet for fear of spoiling the surprise, i want it when its prime and ready) and YOU KNOW I SMOKE...
  20. Haha420

    Mota! Mota!

    So today i have some Locally grown indoor my buddy grew, i forget what cross he said it was but i do know it needs to dry a bit more (the stems dont even want to snap). I also have some G13 x Northern Lights from out of the Bay, super dense and covered with crystals. The stuff on the left is...
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