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    The UnCollectively Collective

    We HAVE MOVED!!!!!! We are now located at 1823 E 17th St. Suite 306 !!!!!!$45$ CAP TOP SHELF!!!!!! Quality strains start at $10/$35!!!!!!! ASK ABOUT OUR SECRET SHELF!!!!!!! Located in Santa Ana at 1823 E 17th St. Suite 306 (Interstate 5, take right on the 17th St. exit, 1/2 mile it will be on...
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    Collective Owners! Specific Purpose?

    Hey everbody!! I'm opening a Collective in San Diego, CA and have set thru numerous meetings with multiple lawyers and finally have everything in a row. I', heading to Sacremento next week to file my AIO and I was told by the lawyer not to put Marijuana anywhere on the Articles of Incorporation...
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    Drying in Light

    Ive been growin for a long time now and I've always dried in the dark but I know an old timer whos been goin 50+ years and has always dried in the light..AN I told em it downgrades thc an he said well then why doesnt it downgrade thc during growth?? He said the light bleaches the color a little...
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    A.M.S. From Green House

    Has anyone grew this strain??? HELLA CHEAP and femanized I fucks wit greenhouse hardcore but the low price has got me wondering about the quality of his strain...Someone help me out...Thanks PROF
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    Dispensary's threatened by Legalization?

    I'm a few blunts down / a few brownies of the finest wonder woman smoke Ive ever seen and was readin the article that medical despesiaries voluntarily raised their own taxes from 1.50 to 18.50 per 1,000$ worth of sales. While the outside on looker might see this as an encouraging thing to help...
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    Cooling Tube?

    I just got new 1000w and was thinking about a cooling tube...DOes this affect yield/light to plant or does it work just the same as a bulb w/o the tube?? Thanks alot
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    Nuets on srt8 12/12 grown?

    I've always been an 18/6 to 12/12 grower but I'm gonna switch it up and give No Mercy 7 Harvests a Year a try..I grow soil and I'm wondering how the nuets should work how will the plants get enough nitrogen??
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    Power Generator

    I've been looking for a good generator to keep my electricity bill down. Anyone use generators and if so whats a good one to go with?? THanks alot
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    Reaching Maximum Yield?

    Ok I've been growing for a few years now and I always yield a few ounces a plant but can someone please explain how to reach the type of yield these seed companys say about their strains?? 5-700 grams PSM?? THanks alot
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    48 Hours of Darkness?

    I've read from a few different growers about ending the grow cycle with 48 hours of darkness before cutting the plants. Can someone explain why people do this ?? thanks alot
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    400 watt to a 1000?

    I've been growin for a few years on the same 400 w mh/hps setup but I'm movin so I'm upgrading to a 1000 I was just wondering do yall think thats gonna be enuff othe elec bill to have problems?? Still prolly gonna use 400 fa veg then flip the big fa flowering.. How much most of u 1000 w users...
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    Gotta ?

    I've been growing 8 ladies fa a while now and im comin on the home strecth. The strain is Nirvana's Wonder WOman and I gotta say probably my fav strain ever to grow SUPER EASY AMAZING BUDS 100% female ratio and quick flowering im jus sayin shits on point BUT it seems like 2 are ready for cut...
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    Red Spots?

    I've got 8 Wonder Woman plants growing on day 26 of veg and I've noticed two are starting to show red/brown spots/shapes in the middle of the lower leaves. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before. Thanks alot --Prof
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    Super Lemon Haze

    Right now I've got 8 wonder woman ladies just outside of flowering but i've been looking around for my next grow. It sounds like Greenhouse's Super Lemon Haze is that SHHHIIIIIIITTTT. But most strains with that much thc% and good of taste usually have small yields has anyone grown Super Lemon...
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    I've got 8 Wonder Woman plants growing in the 3rd week of veg I'm gettin ready to top. I plan on retopping so instead of 2 colas per plant I'd have four but how long should I wait to retop after the first topping?? Thanks alot!
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    White spots and leaf curling? ASAP

    I've got 8 wonder woman plants 11 days in and they all look really good really healthy..but I've noticed the sides (not tips) of some of the leaves are starting to curl up?? Not something I've seen before but doesnt seem to be a huge problem any advice?? Bigger problem is these tiny white...
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    2 1/2 or 3 weeks into flowering bottom yellowing

    I've got 2 Puprle Haze plants and 3 Perplex plants all female almost 3 weeks into flowering maybe already 3 but the bottom leaves on most of the plants are starting to turn yellow and I mean WAY YELLOW like solid yellow but 90% of the plant is GREEN and PURPLE AND THRIVING I'm not using enough...
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    More Yield?

    Which way do yall think yields more goin 23/1 to 18/6 thru veg or 18/6 the whole way thru veg??
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    Grow outdoor seeds inside?

    Ok so I was high as fuck earlier :439: coppin different seed packages and bout 10 minutes ago I realized one of the packs I got were outdoor seeds:11:...what are the chances i can still grow these to perfection on an inside grow?? thanks alot
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    Carbon Filter?

    How often do you guys run your carbon filter?? I wanna run it the most effectively but use it the least as possible to conserve the carbon..so what do yall normally do?? thanks alot
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