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  1. indicasloth

    Project Grow Room is a go!

    Designs have stabilized and the money is in the bank. Ready to order parts! So excited! Enclosure will be built with 1" PVC and Foylon walls. It will measure 5.3' x 3.75' x 6'. The enclosure will be anchored to pressure treated plywood at the base. If need be, it will also be anchored to the...
  2. indicasloth

    Need help with diy grow tent

    2 primary questions: 1. Am I silly in thinking I need this much access room to the plants? Should I make it smaller? 2. How does one attach Foylon to 1/2" pvc pipe? I am thinking adhesive velcro and overlapping flaps at the edges. The Grow tent will be about 5'x5'x6′ made from 1/2" pvc...
  3. indicasloth

    What do you use for a reservoir?

    Howdy Y'All! I have gotten so much mixed feedback about the use of Rubbermaid totes in hydro/aero system, I thought I might start a poll, see what is really being used out there.
  4. indicasloth

    Got a new stash jar

    Wanted to share my new stash jar, normally it's filled with the days grind, but buds make a nicer picture. Happy Toking! - Indica Sloth
  5. indicasloth

    Misting Nozzle Placement

    I am having some trouble understanding where the mist nozzles should be placed in an HPA system. I will be using the 18 gal. Rubbermaid, but I will only be growing 4 plants, as that is the limit under Measure 91. When looking for Rubbermaid build references, this is the typical setup I seem...
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