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  1. hossua34

    Strain that smells like Captain Crunch?

    I was wondering if anyone had ever come across a strain that smells exactly like Captain Crunch cereal... Some of my friend think it smells like Strawberry Yoohoo. Any guesses would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. hossua34

    Strain that smells like Captain Crunch?

    I was wondering if anyone had ever come across a strain that smells exactly like Captain Crunch cereal... Some of my friend think it smells like Strawberry Yoohoo. Any guesses would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. hossua34

    Email from Keith Stroup of NORML; is this acceptable behavior?

    Hey guys. I haven't posted here in over two years, but I'm going to now because I am so upset I don't know where else to turn. Below is an email exchange that I just had with Keith Stroup, "legal counsel" for NORML (although how this guy made it to that position is beyond me). What happened...
  4. hossua34

    Who has seen the latest ONDCP propaganda?

    This one enraged me like no anti-pot ad has for a long time... It starts with shots of three different teenagers, looking at their most cherished possessions (a guitar, a nice car, some sports trophies and medals). Then it sequentially shows each one taking these things outside, or to the...
  5. hossua34

    Solve the riddle - separate the grinder parts

    Wow. It's been a long time since I posted here at 420mag. But I have a dilemma. The other day, I was messing around with my Space Case grinder, and I somehow slid the topmost piece (the one that slides around the top and grinds the weed) onto the lowermost piece (the one that accumulates the...
  6. hossua34

    Aaron Houston - is this guy the best we can do?

    Last night, I was watching the Daily Show - Colbert Report block as I do every night, when Stephen Colbert opened a segment about North Dakotans' attempts to legalize industrial hemp farming. As he often does, he turned to a surprise guest for an interview. That night it was Aaron Houston -...
  7. hossua34

    Free speech died today - Justices side with school in "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case

    'Bong Hits for Jesus' case limits student rights - CNN.com Read it and weep... This is a pretty scary decision, IMO. It basically allows schools to eliminate free speech in favor on ensuring there are no latent messages that go against "the goals" of their school district... Thank god I'm out...
  8. hossua34

    Rock on the Range

    Got back a few hours ago from the 1st annual Rock on the Range concert at Crew Stadium here in Columbus. Whoo boy, there were LOADS of people blazing there, in each and every corner. Performing were, among others: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Chavelle, Hinder...
  9. hossua34

    Most unhealthy munchies

    What is the sickest, most artey-clogging thing you have ever eaten to satisfy your munchies??? This question came to me a few minutes ago, as I was eating Tootsie Rolls dipped in peanut butter... that alone had to shave some time off my lifespan:3:
  10. hossua34

    Johnny Potseed season

    It's that time of year again :3: Time (for me, anyways) to sprinkle the love around, wherever I can find a good patch of mulch. And by "love" of course I mean all the bagseed I've accumulated since last springtime. Sure, I make a point of it to smoke good sinsemilla whenever possible, but I...
  11. hossua34

    HELP! My slide is stuck

    Ok, I have a Bluedot, that I've been using a Roor diffuser slide in for a long time. And this morning, when I went to toke, I couldn't get the slide out! It's like it's held in there with freaking cement. I'm not even joking when I say, I grip this thing as hard as I can and twist, and the first...
  12. hossua34

    35 Years of Bullshit

    This was a compelling read, to me. 'Celebrating' 35 Years of Failed Pot Policies - NORML Maybe the most interesting thing to me about it was the bar chart near the very bottom of the article, showing the portion of people in the U.S. who thought marijuana should be legal. Is it just me...
  13. hossua34

    Idiot who gave 2-year-old pot says it was no big deal

    The video is on CNN.com's front page right now. The dude involved looks sounds like his brain has been turned into a sponge by all kinds of drugs. Talk about a field day for prohibitionists...
  14. hossua34

    Platform for legalization

    So, I wrote this one bored evening when I was high as a kite. I know it's not all so simple... but still. It feels like most of the people in this country know pot should be legal, or AT LEAST are torn on the issue. Still, the legalization movement is CREEEEEEPING forward. Medical MJ laws and...
  15. hossua34

    Lou Dobbs: We're Losing the War on Drugs

    :hmmmm: I don't know quite what to make of this article. On one hand, he is pushing for increased drug treatment as opposed to prison, but on the other hand, he is saying we need to escalate the "War on Drugs". Can anybody draw a coherent conlcusion from this story? Dobbs: The war...
  16. hossua34

    The GOOD shit in Dayton, OH

    This week has been a veeeeery nice week for top quality chronic in these parts. Currently I'm sitting on a little personal jar of two different kinds of fine chron. The first picture is what I have a little more of - called Diesel by the seller. And the second pic is a nug of what was billed as...
  17. hossua34

    Notre Dame basketball player dismissed from school for pot charge

    My jaw just about hit the floor when I read this... How sorry would you be feeling for yourself if this happened to you?? And, do you think they would do this to any student caught with weed, or are they making an example out of him because he's an athlete? I thought it usually worked the other...
  18. hossua34

    How do YOU classify categories of weed?

    I've heard so many different terms on here for different levels of bud... just how do YOU break it down? I'm interested if what you call it is a regional thing, or just depends on who you hang out with. For me: Tier 1 = Nugs A.k.a. chronic, dank, KB - Within this category are three...
  19. hossua34

    Enormous seeds?

    Maybe someone else out there has come accross this same thing... The other day I picked up a half ounce of some middies. Nothing great, but nothing terrible, just some brown buds with a very sleepy high. The amazing thing about these buds however are the SEEDS. They're HUGE. Most are at least...
  20. hossua34

    Sprite as a pipe cleaner

    A long time ago, I heard from a friend that a good way to clean a bowl in a pinch was to let it soak overnight in Sprite (I assume Sierra Mist works too), then blast it with high-pressured water the next day. I tried this the other day, because I had two really clogged and gross pieces and no...
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