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    Inda Gro Induction Lamp

    Saves up to 70% in electrical loads Emits 95% PAR usable light Excellent canopy penetration Faster rooting of clones and seedlings Long life lamps and drivers *60,000 hour 10 year warranty Highest lumens per watt of any induction lamp manufactured Single lamp for vegetative through flowering...
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    Big Daddy and Brick Press

    These new presses are manufactured in America by high quality aircraft aluminum. What makes them unique is that you heat them in boiling water as opposed to in the oven. The aluminum craft holds their heat longer, thus making it easier to make a solid press. The Big Daddy Press goes for $370 and...
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    JackPuck Press - Herb presses

    The JACK PUCK are revolutionary presses created to transform plant extracts into a compact paste and to remove excess water. The mould is dismountable, allowing it to be warmed up in the oven to improve its effectiveness. Equipped with a 2 ton or 8 ton load capacity hydraulic jack, JACK PUCKS...
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    New Induction Lamps

    We are now carrying a new Induction Grow lamp by Inda Gro. These bad boys give you a 100.000 hour rated bulb life. Wide Spectrum High Intensity Lamp provides Clones through Flowering Light Spectrums. Maintains 90% Lumen Output at 70,000 Hours. Low heat. Very easy to use! Check out our...
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    Trimpro Unplugged

    There's a new Trimpro Trimmer in town: Trimpro Unplugged "Our quietest trimmer ever, the new TRIMPRO UNPLUGGED is a light, yet rugged 'go-anywhere' model designed for the home enthusiast and ideal for use in the apartment, greenhouse, or any situation where a need for noise discretion means...
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    Nutri+ Carburator

    Here's a new product by Nutri+; Carburator An energy source to drive your plants to the next level! CARBURATOR is created with a blend of superior sugars - in a formula that increases yields, improves quality (aroma, taste and flavor), and feeds microbiology. NOT derived from molasses or...
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    Nutri+ Pure Ocean Seaweed

    Check out our newest product; Nutri+ Pure Ocean Seaweed * Naturally contains over 60 macro and chelated micro elements and amino acids * Contains natural growth hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellic acid) and vitamins (A, C, F, B-12) * Improves soil bioactivity * Improves soil water...
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    TrimPro Rotor & TrimPro Automatik

    For the upcoming harvesting season we're offering our best selling Trimmers; Trimpro Rotor and Trimpro Automatik at a discount. Buy your trimmer on sale with coupon code TP50 at WebHydro.com! You can't find these trimmers any cheaper!!
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    Cheapest Vertical Grow System

    Here's the cheapest Vertical Grow system available; EcoGrowWall Easily installed on a wall, doesn't take much space. One unit can easily produce enough greens and herbs for a family of four! This vertical gardening system is distinguished for simple assembly and diversity of use. ECOGROWWALL is...
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    Mini Aquaponics Garden

    The first Mini Aquaponics Garden of its kind. I've never seen anything like it! The JrPonics FishGarden is a miniature aquaponics garden where you can watch frogs, shrimp, snails or fish live, eat and grow below in a natural environment, while growing a couple of plants like basil or mint...
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    Maverick Sun Products

    You can now find Maverick Sun - Reflectors, Ballasts, Fans and Bulbs at WebHydro.com 8 Inch Inline Fan Wind God - Maverick Sun Description: 8 Inch Inline Fan - CFM Rating 745 "Wind God" by Maverick Sun CFM ratings that match or exceed the “big name“ brands in the gardening industry. 120v...
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    Crucial Elements Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Crucial Elements Reverse Osmosis systems are available at WebHydro.com! More of their systems are being added to the site, for now, please call if you have a question about any other system. Description: The "Reign" by Crucial Elements, is American made, and the most popular 3-stage reverse...
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    HPS bulbs - new sortiment

    We now have more brands of HPS bulbs available at WebHydro.com! Call us for quantity discounts :D FloraSun 400 Watt HPS Bulb Description: FloraSun HPS Bulbs - 400W * Horticultural lamp specially designed for abundant blooming * Long lasting life * Compatible with digital ballasts These high...
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    SunBlaster bulbs

    The Sun Blaster bulbs and other FHD products are, what it looks like, only available at WebHydro.com. Even though the site might not have all their products, they are available. Anything that Future Harvest Development offers, WebHydro has available! Sun Blaster Nanotech T5 Reflectors...
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    FloraSun Metal Halide Bulbs

    We now have the FloraSun Metal Halide Bulbs available on our site! Quality lighting from Florasun at unbelievable prices :) FloraSun 1000W MH Bulb Description: FloraSun MH Bulb - 1000W Horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth High output Long lasting life Compatible with...
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    The Brick Press

    Just like the Big Daddy Press, the Brick Press is a high quality 2 ton press, but it makes square pucks out of your plant material! These are the best plant presses I've ever seen :) Description: Machined from aircraft aluminum! The Brick Press uses 4,000 pounds of pressure along with a...
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    Cheap Bubble Bags

    We now have a new brand of bubble bags, also called extractor bags, available at half price! Made by UltraGrow, these "Ultra" bags come in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 20 Gallon and 32 Gallon :) Description: Bubble Bags (4 bag system) - UltraGrow Extractor bag system includes: Black 25 Micron Bag...
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    The Satellite Trimmer

    Check out our new $10k trimmer, now on sale for $8995. It comes with built in speakers :thumb: Satellite Trimmer by EZTRIM Description: 60-80% time savings Original coved grate Forward and reverse rotor action with adjustable speed Weighs 95 pounds Waterproof, fire-resistant transport bag...
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    Vertical Aeroponic Grow System

    This is the first rotary vertical grow system in the world. Patented by Green Diamond. The Aerosystem can hold up to 120 plants in an area of 16 feet (48" x 48"). Each of the 120 sites host a 3 inch meshed basket containing a growth medium depending on the user’s choice. The Aerosystem is...
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    Big Daddy Press

    There's a new herb press on the market called the Big Daddy Press available. You can't find a better quality press than this! Made with aircraft aluminum and surgical steel, it uses a unique warming method to create the perfect heat.
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