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  1. DRM Ranch

    Soil drench with neem oil - Part of a nutritious bug control program

    I have some plants in veg that I try to kill as often as I have these crazy ideas to try out something wack-o. Plants are clones of OSH & SSH, in grodan rockwool cubes (Cap'n Style) at various stages of veg. Today I added;1.25ml/gal neem oil, and 2.5ml/gal Coco Wet to my normal nutrient...
  2. DRM Ranch

    Mixing nutrients ml/gal or by PPM

    I seem to always find a way to make things more complicated than they need to be, but I'm a whore to accuracy... So it seems to me that going by PPM might be a better option in so far as being accurate in measuring nutrients, thoughts?
  3. DRM Ranch

    Help me design a great drying chamber

    I'd like to put together a drying cabinet. I have a 6' wide x 2' deep area for this to reside. It could do dual duty as a work desk if I kept it at standard counter height. Alternatively I have plenty of wall space that I could hang the cabinet. Picks of your drying area would be a great...
  4. DRM Ranch

    Watts per square foot?

    In veg I'm working with 54w/sq.ft. 432w over a 4x2 SCROG. In the future I'm considering a 600w HID over the same area, 75w/sq.ft. I'm wanting the best return on my electric investment, so my question becomes at what point is there an obvious point of diminishing returns based mainly on the...
  5. DRM Ranch

    PPM - Let's go higher or let's keep it low

    I'm feeding very low PPM in veg, the plants are trucking along with no real issues that I've been unable to deal with, however I'm wondering how to tell if going higher or lower on the nutrients would be a good idea. I'm sure trial and error would work over time, but I'm looking for some more...
  6. DRM Ranch

    How are you dialing in nutrients in your hydro grow?

    I suppose beyond doing a drain to waste and collecting the runoff and sending said runoff to a lab for inspection, how do you perfect your nutrient mix at each stage of growth?
  7. DRM Ranch

    DRM's - T5 - Hydro - OSH - Grow Journal 2015-2016

    OSH is a hybrid strain made available to me by the great folks at Seed Trip here in SoCal. OSH hails from NorCal but I don't have much more info to go on that is certain. Perhaps OG Kush x Sour Headband, linage is unfortunately not 100% so I'll make no real claims that I know more. I...
  8. DRM Ranch

    Quiet vent fans?

    I need some advice on really quiet ventilation fans, particular brands would be great. Area is 4'x8'x6' thats a little under 200cf, venting into an open attic space, no real ducting to speak of, a charcoal filter will be the only real restriction it sees. This is going to be used in a...
  9. DRM Ranch

    Low budget grow

    We all come across a time when we are a bit short on the cash we might like to have, I'm there now. So I'm looking at a few options for reducing the cost of my electric use. I have a budget of just $250 for my lights in veg and $300 in flower. I can eat up the $250 in veg with 42 18 hour...
  10. DRM Ranch

    Name this cannabis issue

    Obviously this girl isn't thrilled. DRM Ranch
  11. DRM Ranch

    Does this flower nutrient mix seem okay?

    in 0ppm RO water 4.9ml/gal CaliMagic 2ml/gal Rhizotonic 5ml/gal Cannazym 3ml/gal PK 13/14 5ml/gal Substra Flores A 5ml/gal Substra Flores B 5ml/gal Cannaboost 0.4ml/gal DripClean When mixed into one gallon and pH'd to 6.0 using GH pH up or down, the mixture is reading 760ppm (not sure...
  12. DRM Ranch

    400w MH in a Raptor 6" hood?

    I'm looking to veg 2 plants under the 400w MH and Raptor hood combo for 70 days in a 4'x4' area. The hood will be air cooled in hopes to allow close to canopy placement. I'm not worried about the cost of the hood if its not going to negatively impact the growth of the plants. I may use...
  13. DRM Ranch

    Water filtration

    I was gifted an older 5 stage RO system which will sport new filters if I can find out exactly which fit, I assume I can manage that. My question is this, at what point do you change out the filters? I read that pre filters are a 6 month kind of deal and the membrane is far longer lived...
  14. DRM Ranch

    CA card holder and nursing license

    Can the two coexist or is there a check that prevents that from happening?
  15. DRM Ranch

    DRM Ranch (What's up with that name anyway)

    Hey all, I am DRM Ranch, not my real name of course but I chose it because it reminds me of home and my family. The ranch is loosely named after my late grandmother and my mother as well it reflects one of my mothers early life interests. I will be moving to DRM Ranch in just under a...
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