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    Marc Emery News Report Airs Tonight

    As a Canadian and pot activist, I support Marc Emery and I like to stay up to date on what's happening in his fight. So here is the latest. Don't miss this new report tonight about Vancouver's Marc Emery, the self-proclaimed worldwide leader of marijuana culture. Will Canada hand him over to...
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    Texas Hold'em Buzz Kill

    I love playing Texas Hold'em. I would say that I'm fairly good at it and it's always nice to have a poker night with good friends and plenty of herb. So I was over at my bf's last night, we're playing some Texas Hold'em.. We have couple good friends over. After a couple hands, I'm thinking...
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    Went to my friend's place. I only had a 5 so I told him to give me for that much. He ended up giving me 2g. I like having the hookups. :3: I was told it was AK47. It has a nice woodsy, piney smell. The high is nice, just creeps up on you. Enjoy
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    Baked Apple Potbellies Recipe

    Weeds official Good Morning Agrestic Baked Apple Potbellies Recipe Sounds like a nice recipe, funny sketch, enjoy ;) <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
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    Banana Bud Bread Recipe

    Weeds official Good Morning Agrestic Banana Bud Bread Recipe Nice recipe and if you've seen the series, you'll enjoy the sketch. ;)
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    22 years ago today : DaHui was born

    Hey, everyone, just felt like telling you guys it's my birthday today, yipppeee! I'm 22, damn, I didn't even see the year go by.. Oh well, I'm still gonna party! I took the rest of the week off as well as Monday, so good times are on there way! :3:
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    Plants leaves are turning yellow!

    A buddy of mine is growing and he's got some problems. I haven't checked out the plants yet, but I will very soon.. I'll take pics and all. What I know is the following: Indica strain, exact name is known.. He started them from clones, all was good in vedgin, he got them up to 12" to...
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    New Site Record!

    Most users ever online was 803, Today at 08:04 PM. I was online, were you? :allgood:
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    A bunch of cloning questions

    It has recently come to my attention that cloning is a wonderful idea and I must now master the art, I was just wondering if any grow guru could help me out with this question I have... When is the best time to get clones off your mother plant? I mean, you want that plant to stay in vedging...
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    Easy and efficient - Compact Fluorescent Lighting - CFLs

    This setup will cost you anything from 30$ and up. Out of a regular 4 bulb vanity bar, you'll be able to get around 240w from cfl's (that's it you get two 30w cfl's per socket), that's over 12 000 lumens. In my opinion, you want about 50w per plant, you could vedge 4 or 5 plants easily with...
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    Getting Started - What strain?

    What strain should I get? I want an easy growing strain, a good yeild, a nice THC level and good bag appeal. If you have grown any of the above strains, please let me know and give me some feedback! I'm still wondering if I should go soil or hydro. I'd like to hear some pros and cons...
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    420 Contest... Vote for the winners!

    This is it! :allgood: YOU can now vote for the 4/20 Contest winners! :allgood: Voting ends on April 24! This is HOW TO VOTE : You are allowed to vote 2 times in the same poll. You will cast your vote for 2 categories at the same time by clicking the boxes next to the member's...
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    4/20 Contest Entries

    High there fellow 420Timers! THIS IS THE OFFICIAL THREAD TO POST YOUR ENTRIES! First Prize Winner will get crowned as the “420 King” … But of course every King must have a Queen, so the “420 Queen” title will also be awarded. Those titles will appear under the username of the winners...
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    New pipes

    Hey dudes, just wanted to know which one you liked best. They are up for grabs and I was wondering which one to get... 1) 2) 3)
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    Cannabutter - Simple and Easy!

    Well as you probably know there are tons and tons of different ways to make it. I will explain my method, because, well yeah, I find it's the best :D Ok, first off, lets make this straight once and for all, yo udo not need the best dank-kadee-dank in the whole world to make cannabutter...
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    Politics: Canada is now Conservative?

    Election night in Canada -Conservative -Liberal -Bloc Quebecois -NPD We are screwed. The Conservative Party is ahead right now. It will probably be a minority government tho. But that still means byebye to any marijuana decriminalization for now. Byebye to many other things such...
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    Hempy New Year

    Hempy New Year!!! We wish you all the best in 2006 May you always have some marijuana, a pack of zigzags, a nice pipe or a bong handy The 420Times.com Crew
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    Hempy Christmas

    From all of us here at 420Times.com, Hempy Christmas
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    The Green Group

    The Green Group As a Green Group member, you will have access to many special features, just check out the list below. You also help keep this website alive by giving back. Private Message Permissions: Maximum Stored Messages is 420. Regular members have a maximum storage of 10...
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    Mark Emery Arrested

    Yup, you read right. He was arrested earlier today... http://www.420times.com/forums/showthread.php?p=294610#post294610
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