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  1. jim bonghead

    Trying to find an efficient way with minimum space to grow in the winter.

    I am just trying to think of a way to keep smoking during the winter months.I have heard about phototrons since the late 80s.I contraption all the stuff I need in one spot.Not Like the hps or hallide.Between my girlfriend and I we smoke a oz. a month If the herb is potent. If anyone has...
  2. jim bonghead

    Another one bite the dust!

    Good mornin fellow stoners, I guess I should be in a pissy mood today.Because I went out to take pics to post and I found a baby with to top leaves just drooping.I remembered I peeled something brown off the top of tha plant the other day.I actually thought ot it was a snail. I might...
  3. jim bonghead

    My Outdoor Grow Blogs

    Went out and checked the babies today.I noticed since I collected all the piss I could find no more traces of deer or coon. I also bought some stuff from wally world that is supposed to keep critters away.I dont knowif itworks but no probs so far. While out there "its in a grassy spot...
  4. jim bonghead


    Good morning my morning bakers, I just went out yesterday to check on my last 10 babies. I noticeD the big sucker leaves had been munched on starting from inside out instead of outside in.So I sprinkled sevendust on all babies. I guess my question is .Is sevendust ok to use and...
  5. jim bonghead


    my girlfriend kicked me out today.what sux is i havw 10 plants behind her parents house.I had 10 cenci plants left.she said she wouldnt say nuthin or mess withthem. but i dont know wat todo theyshould br done budding by sept.Im so six ck of gettin ripped every harvest...
  6. jim bonghead

    Medicinal use

    when my ex-wife was pregnant with my hellion baby boy she could not hold anything down.Finally, I talked her into hitting a joint.She never had that problem again. That is if she hit a joint .I know there is a whole lot of attributes from marijuana.Those who dont believe that, is ignorent.It has...
  7. jim bonghead

    Medical Marijuana

    I have a medical problem that cannot be fixed.The doctors say im too old to do surgery on. He says my bones are too brittle.I have severe scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine.Mine is very severe.I have a complete 56 degrees and 67 degrees.I have avhump on my back which has given me...
  8. jim bonghead


    I water every 3rd day unless it rains.What I wanna know is,is it ok to add my nutes "agriculteral limestone and magnesium sulphate every feeding.Once a week or once every three weeks.I live in southern ohio so I dont know the answer.some people say its ok others say not.Any info would help me at...
  9. jim bonghead

    jim bonghead

    Hello fellow smokers,y scoliosis is a complete s curve. Hello fellow smokers, My name is jim bonghead.I am a disabled american with a severe case of scoliosis.In case some of you dont know what scoliosis is,it is a severe deformity of the spine my spine is a complete...
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