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  1. J

    Craziest places youve toked in?

    I wouldn't say it's the craziest, but one of the creepiest places I smoked was this old dirt road in the country. One lane, no lights, lots of trees. I also had a random smoke with a few guys and my best friend one night on a college campus. Not in dorms - on the campus like next to the...
  2. J

    "Shotgunning" a joint

    Meh, I'd rather smoke it myself. When I would smoke just to be cool, all of the guys I hung out with did this to girls just to get close to their mouth. If you have trouble with getting a good hit off a blunt/joint, it's nice though. In fact, I kind of want to do this with my bf now.
  3. J

    Reputation points

    :adore: You flatter me too much, Moose. But thanks! It won't let me rep you, I must have done it recently.
  4. J

    Reputation points

    Nobody reps me anymore since the philosophy and politics forums got shipped off and I don't have as many interesting and insightful things to say :P
  5. J

    Good Morning Wake and Bakers!

    Re: Who's Up For A Wake And Bake? We just smoked a bowl outside on the deck and then went to Kroger and got a dozen mix and match donuts. So we got like 2 of every kind of donut and even 2 danishes so it's pretty badass for munchy-ing.
  6. J

    If you only had one point to make

    If it's legal to go to a tanning bed, which is known to cause skin cancer, for even young teens, why is it illegal for adults to possess and use marijuana, which carries similar risks of causing cancer in the lungs? I think pushing the issue that marijuana is just as or even less harmful than...
  7. J

    How to exercise your constitutional rights during encounters with police

    Re: How to exercise your constitutional rights during encounters with police. Me and Andrew watched this - very informative! I never thought to close and lock your car doors, or to come outside of the house when dealing with the police, but it seems like such a smart thing to do now...
  8. J

    Im Back!

    How did you get caught? I think a story is needed. Welcome back! I just came back recently as well, but because I was working my ass off in school :P
  9. J

    Im Back!

  10. J

    too high?

    For some men, violence is a way to garner control over their SO. I don't think that it's a healthy outlook on life whatsoever, but most of these individuals come from abusive homes and witnessed domestic violence between their own parents. Much the same way that battered women believe that...
  11. J

    too high?

    Also, I don't buy that love is ever unconditional. Loving someone does mean that the amount of shit you're willing to take is increased, but I don't think it means that no matter what someone does to you, you will love them anyway. If my boyfriend beat me, it doesn't matter how much I love...
  12. J

    too high?

    The feeling of "love" is a chemical reaction in the brain. It's basically a surplus release of endorphins and seratonin, the "feel-good" enzyme. As a female, when you have sex with someone, after orgasm your body releases oxytocin, which is basically the "cuddle" hormone :D So for ladies...
  13. J


    If I had to choose, as in they were the same amount, of course I'd choose the better stuff. But if it's a huge price difference, it had better be really good pot, and even then most of the time it's way overpriced here unless you go to the country and get you a deal. We got some pressed stuff...
  14. J

    Reputation points

    biohaze you gave me a blue rep what the heck!!! you have to check that you AGREE -_-
  15. J

    Marijuana With Your Corn?

    Maybe he got cold feet about growing and was afraid he'd get caught?
  16. J

    Greening The Globe: Earth News

    Re: Its The End Of The World As We Know It Want to hear some crazy shit, guys? My friend works as a biology assistant in the lab here at UK and she told me they are working on studying cancer carcinogens right now. And what have they concluded? The corn being fed to animals is causing cancer...
  17. J

    Cyber Smoke out, lets go! I'm getting stoned!

    I'm heading over to the doctor to get tested for strep throat so I don't have to go to class today and then I'm going to go BLAAAAZZEEEE. See ya'll later.
  18. J

    Moderator Elections - September 2007

    Re: Moderator Elections I would nominate myself for resident antagonist, but that doesn't seem to be a mod position :) I'd really really like to be a mod, but I sincerely think I don't have the time to commit to it and there are other people around who do have the time who are just as qualified.
  19. J

    Hello I'm back again!

    :3::3::3::3::3: Oh man. Yep, last weekend was crazy. Everyone has been doubting UK football a lot over the past few years, but the thing is that we've switched coaches at three times in the past decade as well as would have qualified to go to a bowl game that year that we weren't allowed to...
  20. J

    Get Stoned - Hinder

    oh dear fucking lord. I love Hinder anyway and this song has always been the single hottest song I've ever heard... "Without a doubt The break up is worth the make up sex you're givin me Lets hash it out Cause your bitchin and your yellin don't mean anything Don't count me out I can handle all...
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