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  1. Blayzed

    Does a Homemade Yeast/Sugar Co2 Generator really increase yeild

    Hey everybody, Does anyone know if the homemade Yeast+Sugar+Water Co2 Generator really helps, and is it worth it? Increase Yield ? Anyone have maybe an experimental grow that can compare a plant that had the Homemade Co2 and one without, and see each's yield? Ex: Size of Generator, Size Room, #...
  2. Blayzed

    Amnesia Haze Flowering Journal, Super Hairy and Icy!

    :yummy: Hey Everyone, This is a continuation of my "Amnesia Haze Saved From Death" Journal, which I ended because it was stunted and was taking a really long time, so I just wanted to kind of Re-Open this Journal once it started budding, so here it is!!! It's Kind of a long story, but the...
  3. Blayzed

    HELP My R Tizzle Kush Plant Has Really Weird Buds and Strange Leaves 6 Wks Flowering

    Hey Everybody, I have another Weird question that I need all of your advice! Ok, so this is a continuation of one of my older grow journals, which there is a link to in the discription. First, I have noticed that all the leaves are starting to look really weird, like having only 3 and five...
  4. Blayzed

    Hey I'm New! I've got some new Grow Logs, and a couple Questions!

    Hey, whats up everyone! Here are my new Grow logs (First Time Grower) Retard Haze Grow 420 Magazine ® Amnesia Haze Grow Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow (Tips!) Please leave comments, tips, or advise
  5. Blayzed

    Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower (Please Leave Thoughts or Tips!)

    :rollit: Hey Everyone, After I received my messed up clone (Which I created a Grow Journal for as well Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow (Tips!)), I decided to try and start from a seed, but unfortunately I couldn't find anyone locally that were willing to part with some of their seeds. One...
  6. Blayzed

    Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow: Tips!

    :yummy: Hey Guys, Here's the story on my new little Amnesia Haze Plant. My friend was given a clone called Amnesia Haze (cut and cloned on 11/6/09). After he took the plant, he decided he didn't want it, so he threw it it a ziplock bag, put it in his garage, and gave up on it. Once I heard...
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