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  1. TheFrizz

    First Outdoor Adventure: Organic Greenhouse Grow With TheFrizz

    Hello friends and welcome to my 5th grow journal! :welcome::thanks: A bit of background info- my husband and I recently moved out to a 1.5 acre farm in Western WA. We have a beautiful son who just turned one year old, and he loves to help with yardwork! We also have 6 ducks and 3 chickens, they...
  2. TheFrizz

    4 Ladies In A 100 Gallon Fabric Bed, Organic Super Soil, 4x4 Tent, 1000W HID

    Hiya 420 magazine, it's been awhile! I took some time off from growing during my pregnancy but baby boy is almost 3 months old now so I am feeling ready to start again! However, I will be using an organic soil approach this round because I am trying to avoid chemicals while nursing. Also, I...
  3. TheFrizz

    TheFrizz Is Back! VC/DC, CBD Therapy & Northern Lights Medical Grow For Mom

    Hello friends and wonderful 420 community, :circle-of-love: I'm baaaack! Grab a snack and a ;) because this is a long first post (5 pages when copied and pasted into Microsoft word). Let's start by going back in time 2 months... December: My last post was in mid December before we...
  4. TheFrizz

    TheFrizz - Girl Scout Cookie Autos In RDWC - A Defoliation Experiment!

    Hello friends and wonderful 420 Magazine community! :welcome: First off, a bit of introduction. I am a high school science teacher from the Seattle area, and my long term goal is to create an easy-to-follow grow strategy optimized for medical patients who require large amounts of high quality...
  5. TheFrizz

    Mad science teacher?

    Hi guys, Here's a little bit about me, how I got here, and my goals as a grower. I am a 24 year old HS science teacher from Washington. I have experience with hydroponic growing of vegetables, and a pretty solid understanding of chemistry and plant biology. Out of the various forums on the...
  6. TheFrizz

    First Grow - Blue Dream - 4x4 Tent - 1000W Light - DWC

    Hello everyone! This is my very first grow, and my goal is to get the most efficient yield that I can from 4 plants (legal limit in my state). I selected Blue Dream because it has positive smoke reviews and also is a high yielding strain that is easy to grow. I decided to grow from seed rather...
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