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  1. J

    Hello I'm back again!

    YAY I'M BACK AGAIN So college started back up and I haven't been around much because I've been busy with trying to be a productive and good college student. I've only missed 4 classes since school started back up, which is VERY GOOD for me if you knew how much school I missed in high school...
  2. J

    What happened to forums?

    I just noticed that the debate forums and condolences forums were removed. Any particular reason? I really liked the debate forums and I thought that the condolences forums held a unique purpose that kept more of the reverent and respectful posts in one related area.
  3. J

    Marijuana Legal Use Age

    So obviously whenever marijuana is finally legalized, there still will most likely be an age limit on who can hold, buy and use it. What do you think would be the best age and what do you believe will actually be the set age limit? I think 18 to buy, 21 to sale would be good. However, I...
  4. J

    A Poem

    Torn The barrier burst wide open Water ruining the carpet Of a downstairs basement Left to the pity of Snarling rats Protection from bitterness And enemies closer than friends They smother me With this love breaking point Pain meeting pleasure in a crazy ordeal A rite of passage...
  5. J

    Hello >.> My story

    Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm 19. I go to the University of Kentucky. I plan on being a psychologist when I get older. For right now, I'm going into nursing just so I have something to fall back on. This might be a little long, so I don't blame you if you skip it all and just say hi :3: But I would...
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