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  1. Primetime420

    Need help with CA law vs County

    So I live in a small town near Sacramento and I heard last night that the city held some council meeting banning the indoor cultivation of medical marijuana. How the fuck is that right? Is there anything I can do or am I totally fucked now?
  2. Primetime420

    Primetimes Hempy Purple Diesel LED Grow

    Hello everyone I've been lurking for awhile but after enough research a little prep and a lot of bumbling I've decided its time to document and share my experience. Welcome to Primetimes first grow! Let's jump in! My first grow is taking place in a walk in closet in a nice 48"x24"x60" Mylar...
  3. Primetime420

    Please help my babies dieing

    So I don't know what I'm doing I'm a total noob it's my first time trying to grow and going horribly! I got two blue dream clones and put them in a box I made but they've gone from healthy to yellow and crispy I'm guessing it's the soil or too hot in the box? Maybe too far from the lights no...
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