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    Slow growth and strange leaves

    Hi I have 3 plants and with one of them i have a problem. She grows slower than the rest and have strange 'wavy' (?) 'wrinkled' leafs. Im using soil and nutrients like as always before. Seeds are of very good quality. Its they 14 day of grow Photo: Any ideas?
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    Where's my flowers?

    Hi, It's a 6day of flowering.. In veg moge it was 12/3,5/1,5/3,5 fotoperiod. 6 day ago i switch to 11,5/12,5.. after 5 days nothink.. yesterday i switch to 11/13 my box is 60cm x 60cm (about 2 feets). led light mars hydro reflector 196 + 4x 25cfl 2700k. nutriens canna terra...
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    Please help

    Hi, My top leaves like on this one on photo. Plant is 15 day in flowering state. PH medium 6.0. temp 24.. all is ok.. what happen??:(
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    Something wrong with my plant

    Hi, Look at my photos. Something is wrong. I see differences between this plant and other plant both plants: with led panel: help plz;) regards
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    A few questions for my first grow

    Hi all;) this is my box: at first a few specifications: growbox secret jardin darkstreet 60x60x150 my panel led: 300W chinese sh*t - real but real power consumption is 81W the leds spec: 100x 3W 11 colors spectrum there u have realphoto: i set my led panel high becaouse i want my plants to...
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