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  1. J

    Hash stash bummer

    Hi all... its been a while since I have made my way through this neck of the woods. anyway I have a fairly nice stash of bubble hash which is very potent and has sentimental value. I am a collector of sorts... I like having a goody stash of multiple varieties if you know what I'm saying...
  2. J

    Marijuana + Women

    Dude I know where you are coming from... I rarely show up to a party blazed anymore because I don't talk as much when I am high. I just want to chill out and play music rather than communicate verbally. Smoke later in the night and/or smoke less than you usually would. Just take the edge off...
  3. J

    Hippie Fest on East Coast?

    Langerado Langerado Music Festival - March 6-9, 2008
  4. J

    Bubble Hash consumption

    took your advice and packed up a bowl of some "sour diesel" and bubble hash. I lit the bowl once and only toked four hits out of it. That was over an hour ago and I am still ripped.
  5. J

    Bubble Hash consumption

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to consume bubble hash? I am not sure if I should smoke it out of a bowl, use my volcano vaporizor, or hot knife it. Any suggestions from previous experiences?
  6. J

    what's the weed like around you locally?

    Boss... I can't usually get the blonde or bubble hash, that came as a surprise today. But quality mj is around. You have to talk to the younger heads sometimes to find what one might be looking for. signman....that is a great price. I am definetly going to colorodo this summer...
  7. J

    what's the weed like around you locally?

    Such a good variety of amazing quality nugs going around. Currently have a stash that contains 2 different types of "name brand" headies that a friend grew<---very well I might add) and some other nugs of assorted bangin buds. Plus I just grabbed a couple grams of blonde hash and a gram of...
  8. J

    Would you like a bowl or a bong?

    Once you own a volcano no other piece will ever be able to compete with it. The volcano gets you higher from smaller amounts of marijuana, it is better for you, and it taste better too. Not to mention you can keep the already vaporized weed to make cannabutter; and cook a turkey that will get...
  9. J

    New Job Crystal Papers

    i used the clear papers for a while....now i am back to the EZs
  10. J

    Any one play Chess stoned?

    i do enjoy the occasional game of chess but it does get harder to play the higher i get.
  11. J

    Its up to you

    what would you rather have... a or b? a. Unlimited weed for the rest of your life. Any strain you want, anytime you want and as much as you want (includes hash and butter). To top it all off you couldn't be arrested for marijuana charges excluding distribution. However you would not be...
  12. J

    Volcano Bags

    turkey bags work fine... you can get them at the grocery store.
  13. J

    Whos the Craziest Person you Toked with?

    my dad... i smoked him up for the first time.
  14. J


    ok I just dont enjoy smoking roaches.
  15. J


    or people who care about thier lungs
  16. J

    Military or Marijuana?

    Marijuana. Everyone I know who has joined the armed forces is regretting it now.
  17. J

    Marijuana Legal Use Age

  18. J

    twist the ends?

    I usually only twist one end of the joint... the end I light. I would never twist a blunt
  19. J

    All bong users. how to obtain 'Emergency Hash' from your bong

    its called resin around here... probably slang. either way, it is disgusting
  20. J

    All bong users. how to obtain 'Emergency Hash' from your bong

    we call that resin... I would rather not smoke then smoke resin
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